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Gilbert Arenas
Gilbert Arenas

drop cap We have reached a downtime in the world of sports. That dreaded period between the end of the Super Bowl and the start of the baseball season. That does not mean we don’t have anything to talk about though. So, let’s dive right in.

The NBA’s trade deadline was Thursday and some deals got made although none of the really big names, like Dwight Howard of Kevin Love for instance, changed teams. Channing Frye went to Cleveland and maybe that was the biggest move of the afternoon. Frye will certainly help LeBron and company, but I am not sure he is really putting them over the top. A few smaller deals took place as well, but the general feel I got from examining what happened was that teams are going to win or lose with what they had prior to the deadline. No superstar is riding in to help anyone, which seems to favor Golden State.

Players are busy filing into MLB training camps as you read this. The exact dates for each team differ, but they will all be hard at work by next week. I probably write this every year, but I love the start of any sports season. There is so much hope, so many unknowns. Who will be this year’s Houston Astros? Maybe it will actually be the Astros. Who knows? Well, you see what I’m getting at and I promise more will be written on this in the weeks to come.

Sad, but not surprising, to hear about Rhonda Rousey’s reaction to her loss to Holly Holm. I am guessing many athletes have felt the same following a big loss. It was cool, however, to see how other fighters – like Brock Lesnar, Mike Tyson and even Holm herself, offered words of encouragement to Rousey. Fortunately she seems to be in a better place now and I think we can all look forward to her rematch with Holm, whenever it happens.

In case you missed the retirement announcement from Carolina Panther Jared Allen, you need to seek it out. The five-time Pro Bowler literally rides off into the horizon (he says it’s the sunset, but I didn’t see much sun) on a horse. Seriously. I could not think of a better way to announce one’s retirement from anything.

Finally, a funny note from former NBA all-star Gilbert Arenas. Apparently Arenas wants to watch Kobe Bryant play his final NBA game, but he is having a hard time getting a ticket. So, he has come up with the ingenious idea of getting the Lakers to sign him to a 10-day contract in April so he can have one of the best seats in house. He even took a shot at some of the Lakers’ bench players, I suppose in an attempt to show he is better than they are. It’s all sort of silly. I mean, the idea that Arenas can’t afford to just buy a ticket seems hard to believe, but you have to give him credit for what is kind of an ingenious plan.


  1. If Gilbert really wants to see Kobe, all he has to do is trade one of his guns for a ticket. I am sure there is a drug dealer in L.A. who might go for the deal!

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