First off, I want to thank my employer of 24 years from whom I retired a couple years ago.

calendar flyingPart of their benefit package was to give my wife and me health care benefits until I arrived at 65. I am 61 now, and so I don’t have to worry about the health insurance for a few years. Unfortunately, my wife is a little younger than myself, so when I turn 65, we will have a period of 1 ½ years where we will need to purchase insurance. By that time, I will be more informed and wiser than I am now.


I am not an expert on health care, but the Obamacare and the way health care and coverage has been going, has not been good. A good friend, and veteran, and veteran law enforcement leader lost his health insurance shortly after he retired. It was just part of the fine print of the health care revolution. He and his family are rebounding, but no thanks to the president or his team.


Page-1Most of the reviews I hear, and from some of my poorer family members, is the Obama health revolution doesn’t get a passing grade. Things are being cut and changed, and the consumer is not happy.


Again, this week I heard more bad news. Here in El Centro, we have had a pregnancy clinic for nearly 30 years and it closed its doors. If it was in the paper I missed the article, and its loss is a loss to women and families. The health center was located on the east side of El Centro on Dogwood and very accessible for poorer families from El Centro, Heber, Calexico and Holtville. It makes no sense to me, but the decision was all about “cents” (money) I am sure.


A result of the chaos in health care is that those in most need will have access to less, and that will end up costing the taxpayer and community more! Obama ran on a campaign of “hope.” There is a little less hope for health care here in our county.


imagesOver 25 years ago, I worked in another prenatal clinic that has also shut its doors. Our target group was also poorer, high-risk women.

Well, who are they, you may be asking? They are teen parents, single parents, people near the poverty level, substance abusing women, diabetic clients, obese moms and even prostitutes.

Some of you may not have compassion for these moms, because many are making bad choices.

Having worked with the poor for decades, most are victims. One car wreck can totally ruin your economic stability and your ability to provide for your family. Divorce and out of wedlock pregnancy are two of the most common causes of poverty.


Prevention pays for itself especially in health care.

As a prenatal social worker, one of our main jobs was to help moms have a healthy pregnancy and baby. When women don’t get care, or don’t learn how to take care for themselves, it leads to premature birth.

The baby goes over the hill to Children’s Hospital in a Neo Natal Intensive Care Unit. Boom! That is so costly and the end result is expensive—easily in the six figures. This amount is easily in excess of a clinic’s budget for its whole staff. The closing of the Women’s Clinic will cost us collectively. It really bummed me out.


Women can still get prenatal care. El Centro has an outpatient clinic at 4th and Main Street. The Clinica del Salud also provides care for moms. It just seems like too much “Obamacut” and not enough Obamacare.


script2If you think you might be pregnant, get to a doctor as soon as possible. If you are pregnant, go to all your doctor’s appointments and don’t use drugs or alcohol during the pregnancy. If you don’t want to get pregnant, say no to sex until you are married. That way you won’t have to care about the Obamacuts!