Nothin’ like farm-to-table cooking



While my food adventures continue in Colorado Springs, I decided to take a break from baking and focused on cooking this week.


There are several farmer’s markets that occur over the course of the weekend throughout the city of Colorado Springs. It’s hard not to take advantage of them.


I know what you are thinking, California has some of the best freshly grown produce—especially right at home in the valley.


I’m not suggesting this produce is better, I am merely saying how great it is to cook with fresh produce.


While I have gone to the farmer’s market a couple of times since living here, this week was particularly special because it was the first time I’ve had visitors since moving from California!


My dear brother and his wife (who are on a month long road trip) put Colorado Springs on their route and drove up from the Grand Canyon to come visit me.


My brother and sister-in-law had been on the road for almost two weeks, and had been either eating out or eating a lot of camp-made pasta. I really wanted to make them a fresh and home cooked meal.


So, I headed down to the farmer’s market and picked up a bunch of fresh produce—including Colorado’s own pueblo-roasted chili’s and farm-to-table fajitas.


The meal (minus the shrimp, tortillas and meat) was all from the farmer’s market.


I made salsa, roasted vegetables and dessert—all with these vibrant and fresh-tasting vegetables!


I used the following vegetables in my fajitas:

Red bell pepper

Green bell pepper

Yellow bell pepper

Orange bell pepper


Green onion


I marinated the vegetables (except the green onion) in the following marinade:

¼ cup olive oil

¼ cup lime juice

¼ cup apple cider vinegar

lime zest

chili powder

cumin powder




The Salsa was made with the following ingredients:

Roma tomato’s

Pobalno chili’s

Green onion



Salt to taste


It was prepared in the following manner:

1.) Cut tomatoes in half and place in pan with chilies and garlic.

2,) Roast until the skin of the tomatoes begins to peel off.

3.) Blend the ingredients together.

4.) Stir in cilantro and green chili.

5.) Once chilled, add salt to taste.


For dessert, I simply cut a peach in half, grilled it and drizzled local honey I bought at the farmer’s market on top. DELICIOUS!


This meal was by far one of the best and freshest meals I’ve had in a long time.  I highly recommend that anytime you can buy local, to do so!


You can often get really good deals, but when you can’t, and the prices are a little more, it still is worth it for the quality.


Sadly, the farmers’ market will only be open for another month before they close down because of the weather.  I am definitely going to take advantage of it the next couple of weeks.


What’s your favorite farm-to-table recipe?


  1. We were the lucky recipients of that home cooked farm-to-table meal and it was just as delicious as it sounds! Thank you for your amazing hospitality and love of food – we are always excited to benefit from it! Can’t wait to see you in a few weeks!

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