Not Hebrews, but faithful men of fame


Football Players

I don’t like the news, because it is often bad news.


It is often anti-God news from secular media. If it is good news, all you get is a sound bite when you really want the whole meal.


If you like to hear about famous men of faith, I encourage you to read the book of Hebrews, especially chapter 11.


If you want to hear from big men of faith, listen to the presentations of the recent inductees of the National Football League’s Hall of Fame at Canton, Ohio that occurs each year in early August.


If you listen to the news, you will get a few choice nuggets, but again secularized.


There are a few sports programs that I record if I can’t watch them. One is the football Hall of Fame presentations. I also do the ESPY’s, and the Heisman Awards ceremony.


In all of these programs you frequently hear statements of faith, from the best athletes on the planet. These men and women get to talk uncensored and it is often very refreshing.


There are 7 new hall of famers and I listened to 6 presentations and of the 6, all professed faith in God.


Isn’t it interesting how the best are also blessed! It is logical if you look at things from a Biblical perspective. God enables us to overcome barriers and become warriors in our chosen profession.


David, back in 1 Samuel, became the number one soldier on the planet when his rock ricocheted off the noggin of Goliath. It wasn’t a “hail Mary” but his first and only needed shot.


When God directs your path, you hit your target, the home run, make the catch and drill the fall away three-pointer.


How can your faith make you famous? Well to excel, it requires Godly qualities such as Galatians 5:22 “love, peace, joy, long-suffering, gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and temperance.” (KJV)


If you are able to do “twice a days” or practice in August in El Centro, like my 11 year old grandson, you got to love football!


And what about practice? “Practice, practice, practice.” I quit Pop Warner, because although I love football, I hated football practice and all the skin rashes I got from it.


To develop your craft, in sports, you need to be longsuffering. Football is more painful than the other sports—practice and games both hurt, and can hurt a lot. The other sports aren’t as bad, but I remember running in basketball practice and looking at the exit door time and time again. I was very tempted to quit.


The Hall of Famers didn’t say anything that I haven’t heard before, but it was nice to hear Godly leaders talk for a long time, uncensored.


Most of them in addition to being amazing athletes are very intelligent and articulate. The men were wise, loving family men, and acutely aware of how God had blessed them beyond belief.


Several stated, “I am blessed.” I can’t remember who emphasized it but he stated, “begin with the end in mind.” That is a great mantra for Christian men to overcome adversity and keep on keeping on.


There is a correlation between sports success and a walk with Jesus Christ. A great verse for all athletes (and men in general) is “humble yourself, and you will be lifted up.”


One little knee injury can humble your whole day! I don’t believe in luck anymore. I give God credit for the amazing things happening in my life. The bad stuff that goes on is caused by my sin nature (pride, ego, need to control, lust, gluttony, etc.) and living in a fallen world.


I have been to the Baseball Hall of Fame in New York, but I don’t know if the football HOF is on my bucket list—but recording and listening to great men of faith will continue to be on my summer viewing list.