North County Coalition for the Arts presents


The Secret Garden

The Secret Garden

APRIL 15-20, 2013 in Brawley



All MCT Tour shows are designed for students Grade 5 through 12th grade. This is the optimum age range for our productions. There are roles especially suited for all ages, skill levels and experience levels.

AUDITIONS APRIL 15, 2013 at 4 PM

No preregistration is required. Auditions are in the BUHS new cafeteria, entrance just inside C Street gate at 5th Street (thank you, BUHS, for helping us while Palmer Auditorium is unavailable!)


No advance preparation is necessary, but a smile☺never hurts at an audition. Students should be ready to come and have a good time! Please remember that everyone must stay the entire two hours of the audition.


The rehearsal schedule is two 2‑hour sessions per day, 4:00-6:00 PM and 6:30-8:30 PM with a 30 minute break for snack or dinner. The audition is the first session of the first day. Everyone is required to be present for the entire 2‑hour audition. Due to time constraints, anyone missing the initial audition will not be considered in the casting of the show.

Not all of the students are required at every rehearsal. The MCT Tour Actor/Directors will have a complete schedule to distribute after the audition. All of our rehearsals are open to parents and teachers. Be aware, however, that it may be fun for the students to surprise their parents at the end of the week by showing what they have accomplished! Please understand that we cannot allow guests to disrupt the rehearsals. Productive rehearsals depend on the focused work of the cast members involved.


During the audition, two to four Assistant Directors (ADs), ages ten and older, are selected to help teach and direct the show early in the week as well as take on technical responsibilities at performance time. Their logistical help and creative ideas are a vital part of our process and the experience of the ADs can be just as valuable as that of any cast member. They are normally older students who do take part in the audition session. It is a common misconception that junior high and high school students can only be involved in an AD capacity. Please note that there are roles in the show designed for older students as well.


Approximately 50-60 students will be cast in the show. There is no guarantee that everyone who auditions will be cast.


The audition is FREE. If you are in the cast, the cost is $20, payable to North County Coalition for the Arts.


There will be two performances on Saturday April 20 at 3 PM and 5:30PM, at Sacred Heart Parish Hall (thank you, Sacred Heart, for helping us while Palmer Auditorium is unavailable). Performances last approximately 60-70 minutes. There is no intermission. A four-hour dress rehearsal is required April 20 prior to the first performance. Admission $5 adults, $1 students/children.

Info: Patty Saracco Lang 760-344-2984