NoCCA Holds Auditions for ‘Beauty and the Beast’ Production

Colin York of Brawley auditions for a part in the local NoCCA “Beauty and the Beast” production.

BRAWLEY — Celebrating its twentieth season, the North County Coalition for the Arts (NoCCA) is gearing up for the production of Disney’s “Beauty and the Beast” at Brawley Union High School’s Palmer Performing Arts Center. The performances are scheduled for May 5-7.

With the production in the works, executive producer Rudy Robles and his colleagues took their first step in preparation by holding scheduled auditions Jan. 3-5 to find perfect fits for the roles.

“It can always be a tough endeavor when looking for the right actors and actresses for the production,” Robles said. “However, with the knowledgeable team I have by my side, I’m confident we can find the right actors to display this elegant beauty to our entire audience.”

Among the few prospects on the first day of auditions, local talent Elizabeth Vazquez tried out for the role of Mrs. Potts, who is the warm-hearted enchanted teapot from the Disney classic.

Other roles in the auditions included the main characters of Beast and Belle, who will be the centerpieces of the entire show.

The character of Gaston, the villain, was one of the last roles to be auditioned. The actor who obtains this role will play the masculine man whose objective is to marry Belle using his manipulative powers over the others to get his way.

The last of the auditions were held Thursday with Robles and his crew holding call backs Saturday to try and finalize their choices for the roles.

“With callbacks being Saturday, we are one step closer to settling the first stage of our project,” Robles said. “This being said, myself and the others donating their time are eager to get to work on rehearsals to start making this production a fun and entertaining presentation to our supportive audience.”