NO ON 46


No on 46

Do you trust your doctor? If you don’t, you should change doctors!

I trust mine, and he made me aware of Proposition 46. He said to vote no….so I am going to vote no. He tells me to take my meds…so I take my meds. I want you to be an informed voter, so go to a website or your voter’s guide. I did. The opposition list to 46 is vvvvvvveeeeeeerrrrryyyy lllllllooooonnnnnnggggg. The main group promoting 46 is attorneys. I am not against attorneys, but being a medical social worker, I am going to side with medical providers and health care organizations…usually. For the most part, when I vote, I try to side with God, but sometimes you just don’t know.

I will address 3 issues in the Prop 46 situation. Since I am a drug and alcohol specialist, the first concern I have is that the proposition will mandate drug testing of doctors. I have two reactions to this: One is that if it “ain’t broke, don’t fix it!” I realize that chemical dependency is a problem in all professions. Are attorneys, senators or government representatives required to drug test? I don’t think so. I have lived here all my life and been in the middle of drug abuse prevention/education for 25+ years. I have also worked in the health field for nearly 30 years.  I’m sure there are a few, but can you think of any local doctors who are potheads, meth addicts or shoot heroin? Me neither. Do docs drink and take pills from time to time? Sure, but is it a big enough problem to mandate ALL providers be randomly tested? I don’t think so.

This proposition also wants a patient database that doctors can then go to before they prescribe medications. We don’t need a database that can be hacked. We need doctors to communicate with other providers and get information. Addicts are very sneaky and it is their behavior that is problematic. There is an epidemic of prescription drug addiction, but the solution is not to violate patient privacy or harass good doctors.

Finally, the proposition wants to increase money paid for malpractice. We are all against malpractice and professionals behaving badly.  We already have a legal system where lawyers can get good pay for problems. I pay for malpractice insurance, but counseling clients rarely sue. I don’t see nearly the number of patients a doctor does, and in all medical care there is risk of mistakes, and when guilty, people and insurance companies pay plenty. I don’t want malpractice costs to increase, which gets passed on to consumers. I also rarely will vote for greed. Although I haven’t done research, too often, people get paid too much from lawsuits. Also, I have worked with bereaved families who have lost loved ones. More money does absolutely nothing to deaden their pain.

Don’t take my word for it. Ask your doctor about Proposition 46. Go to the No on 46 websites and see how many organizations oppose this measure. I also want to say this. Get out and vote, or maybe I will start an initiative drive to have all non-voters drug tested!!!