EL CENTRO – “Sick” is a word that kids today use for saying something is really cool! I am an old dog, and let me tell you that sick is not cool, but Nick was! This is not a lesson on language but an article to give glory to God and His saints! Nick Vujicic wasn’t sick, but he was disabled, and he was most assuredly cool! I was blessed to see him twice, first at the Navy Base on Friday and then Saturday night where conservative estimates say about 400 valley folks just became Children of the King! OK!…That is sick!!

Saint Nick was awesome at both venues. I don’t know if I’m the first, but the Saint Nick I am referring to is the evangelist who, although being born without arms and legs, was able to reach out and touch the hearts of valley sinners and help them enter the winner’s circle. On the “Romans Road”, it states that “all who call on the Lord will be saved!” Hundreds called on Jesus last Saturday night after Nick’s invitation, and once again the door to heaven was opened. God bless Nick the servant. God bless all those in “I Heart Imperial Valley” who helped. And a special thanks to Jon Lowry of Prison Fellowship, who worked very hard to help set some prisoners free.

Nick gave a powerful testimony of his life, depression, being bullying and having difficulty see a happy, productive future. At a young age, he contemplated suicide, and at that time, God revealed the selfishness of that plan. God had a better plan, as He always does, and Nick went on to be a college graduate, married and now the father of his first child. God can do great things, if we give Him the reins rather than using them to take our own life! Nick was emotionally and spiritually sick as a child, but he is a model of health, even though no one can deny his life seems limited. His ministry, “Life Without Limbs” is a keyboard click away if you want more information or if you missed the several presentations he made here in the valley.

By the way, you Mr./ Ms. Reader are sick too! Not in the way of servant Saint Nick. He is very cool and his life without limbs will not last. He will have a new body and eternal life in the future. You are sick with the disease of sin, and if you have not taken a trip down the Roman Road, you are terminal. Nick would want you to know to go to these verses in the book of Romans: 3:23, 6:23, 5:8, 10:9, and 10:13. I could spell it out, but I don’t want you to miss the blessing. You are sick and the Doctor is in the house! A couple of things to remember: Going to church is good, but not what cures you, and baptism, may be obedience, but sometimes it just gets you a little wet! So I ask you, on a scale of 1-10, how sure are you that you are going to heaven? If your answer is any less than a resounding “10”, I encourage you to get busy in the Bible book! In this situation, you are disabled, but Jesus is able! You need only ask Him! Now that it sick!!!