Nick Vujicic spoke to thousands at Spartan Field



Nick Vujicic spoke to over 3000 people Saturday night in El Centro

EL CENTRO – As the stands and field of the El Centro football stadium filled with people Saturday night, the music of a Ventura Latino praise band had those already in attendance clapping and raising their hands in joy. Soon, the Elliot Band rocked the stadium with Beatle numbers, popular praise songs, and their own, original songs.


The people had come to hear motivational speaker Nick Vujicic.  Many had come to have their lives transformed. They came to grab onto the hope he offered.


Vujicic was born thirty years before without arms or legs. His parents had been told he would live out his days in an institution. His parents disregarded that prognosis, and instead, instilled in Nick a higher hope.


As Nick said, “I’m a PK, a preacher’s kid.”


His parents tapped into the hope that Jesus Christ promised and they raised their son in their faith.


For Nick, life wasn’t so easy. At school he was bullied. Besides feeling ostracized, he realized that if something didn’t change in his life he would always be a burden to his parents. First he contemplated suicide, and then he attempted suicide.


What saved him was the thought of his mother, father, and brother crying over his grave, wondering what else they could have done to help Nick.


Nick couldn’t bare their grief.


He took his parents faith as his own, and began a personal relationship with Jesus that has propelled him to 44 countries, speaking engagements, music videos, writing books, which the latest has just reached the New York Bestsellers List, and being an evangelist, leading others to the Lord.


John Lowry, Prison Fellowship leader in the Imperial Valley, introduced Nick. The crowd of 3100 plus warmly welcomed him as he was carried onto a desk placed on the stage.


For the next hour, Nick had the crowd laughing and crying, at times simultaneously. He touched their souls as he “walked” from one end of the desk to the other. Amazingly, he spoke how fast he could tap out words on the computer with his partial foot, and the songs he could play on a keyboard.


Later, as he called the lost to come forward, and do as he had done 15 years previously, accept Jesus Christ into their lives, the blind, the lame, and the deaf came forward, filled with hope that their lives too could have purpose.


Over six hundred people of all ages came to the stage, and over three hundred accepted Christ as their Savior.


Later, Nick spoke and “hugged” each person in a line that snaked around the goal post.


“People don’t know what the Lord can do with their broken pieces until they give them to the Lord.” Nick said.