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Three years ago God placed a deep love in my heart for the Thai and Hill Tribe people of Thailand and a burden to see them come to salvation.

In Mathew 22:37-39 Jesus tells His disciples to love God with all their

heart, mind, soul and strength and to love their neighbor as themselves.

This burden never leaves me. I think it is funny how every conversation finds its way to Thailand, and oh how my heart longs to be there!

I seem to be unable to put into words the urgency that I have in my heart to be there soon.

God clearly spoke to my heart that I was to go long term. I said to God, “Why me? Surely you mean to send someone more qualified.” God said again, “Go!” This time my heart was broken and I was completely humbled to be chosen. I said, “Yes Lord, I will go.” I have gone to Thailand three times.

The women prisoners, the children, the refugees, and the Hannah House girls totally gripped my heart.

Then last summer I went into the red light district and my eyes were opened to the even greater needs in Thailand.

I know God will raise up leaders out of the prisons, the camps, the villages and yes, even out of the red light district.

These leaders will take the truth of Christ into the surrounding areas. My heart is to help equip these leaders to make an impact for Him.

People have asked me, “Why are you going?” My answer is, “How I cannot go?”

I have seen sickness, poverty, false religion and hopelessness in the faces of these people and I have seen God through us come into these broken situations and heal the sick,hannah house nurse help the needy, and bring truth and new hope to people who desperately want to know of the God we spoke of.

Leaving is not an easy decision. My mom is a double amputee and my oldest daughter lives at home with her four children.

I have three other children who are all fully grown, a full time job at New creations, a church family, and friends I dearly love.

However, God has ravished my heart and I love Him so much more than I can express. He said to me, “I am sending you to love as I have loved you.” I want to take this opportunity to say a very special thanks to my friend Laura Ziegler who sent me on my first trip to Thailand and to my sister and mentor Esther Maston who told me I was going and who has stood by me for many years now.

I also want to say an extra thanks to Pastor Walt who has taught me to reach out to the nations and to hear the voice of God, and for love and support from my whole church family.

In Him, Angel Dyson Angel and I are excited for all the things that God is doing in the hearts in Thailand, and even in the hearts of our dear friends here in the Valley.

We encourage you all to join us this year at our annual Hannah House

Banquet where you will be able to hear about what God is calling us to do when we both move to Chiang Mai, Thailand, in January 2015! Thank you all for your prayers and continued support of this ministry.


Jonathan Hawk