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Hannah House AugustGreetings:

I hope everybody is doing well.  I wanted to take some time to introduce you all to four of our new girls!  One of my greatest joys in Thailand is spending time talking with and hearing how our older girls are doing and then getting to know our new girls.  It can be quite a difficult experience for Thai’s because many Thai’s have never talked to a westerner before.  So, needless to say, the fact they have limited English and I have poor Thai doesn’t help!  Nevertheless we have a good time.

The first girl on the left is Vararud Laoyipa or Pingpong!  (If you have no idea how to say her name then that would make two of us!)  She is nineteen years old and is from a Lisu tribe.  She loves any and every sport, so it is no wonder she made it her major!  Some of my best times spent with her were playing one sport or another.  Sangla and I were able to sit down and talk with her about how she was doing spiritually.  As many of you know, our primary purpose for Hannah House is discipleship; yet for most of the girls wanting to come into the house, their primary reason is often the free room and board.


So as Sangla and I sat with her we shared how we wanted her to grow in God and get an education so she can live the dreams God has put in her heart.   As I asked about her relationship with God, I realized that though she had grown up hearing about God she had never become a Christian!  So after a few minutes, we shared how she could have a personal relationship with God through Jesus.  I  never would have believed I would lead one of our own girls to the Lord!  Please pray for her that she may grow up in the things of God.

The second girl is Siriprapa Suriyamonton or Marry.  She is nineteen years old and is going to school to learn English so she can be a stewardess.  She is a more quiet and reserved than the rest but very sweet.  Her people group is Karen which is the people group that are being exterminated in Burma.   As I interacted with her I saw that her moving to the big city away from her family was a difficult transition for her.   Many students know when they decide to get an education, trips home will be few and far between.  Please keep her in your prayers as she seeks to adjust.

The third girl is Janjira or Jan.  She is eighteen years old and is from the same tribe as Sangla; Black Lahu.  She is going to school to teach physical education.  She is a fun loving girl who is great to be around.  I had a good time getting to share with her and challenge her to go deeper with God.  Please pray that she and the rest of the girls will grow deeper with God and not focus simply on education or on the things of this world.

The last girl is Pensri Thitiudomsri or Si.  She is a nineteen year old Karen girl who is going to school to learn Chinese.  This girl is awesome and I think she is really smart too…maybe it is because I know she is learning Chinese.  Her desire is to one day be a translator.  I hope through this job she will be able to lead many Chinese to the Lord.

One thing that excites me is to dream about where God is going to take these girls.  If one were to evaluate the first 12 disciples, I am sure Jesus would have been told he had a dozen bad apples who would not amount to much; yet look what they did!  Thank you so much for believing in the work and helping to support and change lives at Hannah House.  May God bless you!

Last but not least, I wanted to take a moment to say that our hearts go out to Caroline and the Caswell family over the loss of Terry.  For those who don’t know, Terry is a servant of servants and a very dear friend to us at Hannah House.  He is a man who seemed to never think about himself.  His life of ministry and his presence will be greatly missed.



Jonathan Hawk and Sangla Jafoo


It’s incredible how God has a different plan for every team that goes to Thailand.  

Although teams might visit the same place the stories birthed are always different.

 God took Team Thailand 2013 to prisons, hospitals, and a village, Bible school, home for those infected with HIV / AIDS, and the Red Light District.

Our team had the privilege of not only evangelizing but also encouraging the Christians in these locations, especially in the prisons.

Most locations we visited we performed the box skit. The skit gave the people a great view of how Jesus can change our sinful ways.

In between all our outreach opportunities, we went to Elephant Camp, Tiger Kingdom, fishing, and shopping at the night markets.

 We visited many prisons during our 3 week stay. At the women’s prison we had three team members share and ALL the topics they were speaking about connected; even though none of them had discussed what they would be sharing beforehand!

Culturally, Thai people do not show much emotion but while Angel gave her testimony the women were gasping and crying.

It was the most animated adult audience we had the entire trip. God put it all together perfectly. We had the opportunity to do two VBS’s; one in Sangla’s village and another with refugee children at the Bible school.

Activities included face painting, playing games, making balloon creations, and putting together crafts, we also had Bible stories and sang songs in Thai. It was a blast laughing, playing, and singing with all the kids!

One of the most incredible times we had with the children was when we were at the Bible school.

We had a time of prayer and worship with the Bible school students and refugee kids. Their worship was so passionate and real.

They sang with all their heart and when it came time to dance they couldn’t be contained even teenage boys were dancing like no one was watching!

thailand singingIt was beautiful to sing songs like “Open the Eyes of My Heart” and hear our language blend with their language for the same song. During the prayer time team members went around individually to pray for every person in the room.

Even though we prayed in English these children and students would break into tears and understand what we were saying.

The Holy Spirit definitely did the talking for us! The darkest place we ministered in was the Red Light District.

Men asked women to come home with them right in front of us with no shame and many of you have probably heard or read about Angel getting punched by the prostitute. But God had a purpose for our team.

As you read in last month’s newsletter, a girl named Thai who was a prostitute at one of the bars, accepted Jesus and is now living at Hannah House and working at Agape Home. While we were there, we met a group of ladies who were from Singapore and also ministering there.

We stood together and prayed right in the middle of the district! God can shine His incandescent light even in the darkest places!

Please be praying for the lives in bondage in the Red Light District. Not only for the women caught in that lifestyle, but also for the men who buy these ladies.

 Although we set out on the mission field with an idea of what God is going to do, He always does far more then we can fathom!

God gave each of us team members the chance to use our gifts and challenged each of us to step out of our comfort zones.

 Pratzow dee ta low way lah (God is good, all the time)!

Blessings, Brittany Westmoreland

I just wanted to encourage you all to reserve a spot on your calendars for Friday December 13, 2013 so you can attend our annual banquet. I am excited to share with you incredible things God is doing and is about to do in Thailand.