News from Hannah House


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Updates from Ashley:

I would first like to say thank you so much to everyone who has prayed or given to our new little family. I am so overwhelmed with love from your generosity and kindness.

I gave birth to Nathan Eleazar Hawk on February 10th; he was 9 lbs. 8oz and 20” long. I went into labor at 3 a.m. that morning and after 7 hours of labor we went to the hospital. When we arrived we quickly found out that Nathan had passed meconium while still in the womb.

According to the doctor this is a sign of the baby being in distress, which can be very harmful to the baby if inhaled. After finding that out, we also received information that the baby’s cord was wrapped around his neck.

At this time, I was having contractions every minute. The doctor advised us that we needed to do an emergency C-section which we agreed to because the baby was in distress.

Jonathan was not allowed in the room with me. After being taken to the operating room they began the spinal tap process. A man held me down in a ball position while they inserted a needle several times. I felt extreme pain in my legs with each jab of the needle.

After they rolled me over, they began to rip my clothes off, grab my arms, and tie me to the table. I began to panic because I could still feel my legs. I asked what was happening and no one would answer me. I even asked in Thai. They started prepping my body while I was still contracting, paying no attention to my concern, nor my pain.

As I lay there freezing and naked, I began to panic more. They put a mask on me, which I believed was oxygen, but I could not breathe. My whole body began to uncontrollably shake and I could not believe the pain and how no one would acknowledge me.

Finally, I believed they were going to kill me and I passed out. By the time I woke, I was still shaking but praise the Lord I had delivered Nathan. I found out later they tried to give me the spinal tap 3 times and could not place it in correctly so they decided to use anesthesia. Along with a terrifying delivery our hospital experience was not the best.

However, God has been so gracious to us in blessing us with a healthy baby. Since having Nathan, life has been difficult, but things are getting better and I am so thankful for Nathan and everyone who has been praying for us.

Updates from Jonathan:

Having a baby has been one of the most humbling experiences of our lives. Everything that we said we would never do as parents, by week three, I think we have done just about all of them. We said we would not do a C-section, give a pacifier, rock our baby to sleep, give formula or put the baby in bed with us and by week three, we have done it all!

We also said we didn’t need any help. By the time we made it home from the hospital we were beyond overwhelmed.

So many came to our aid and helped us to feel so loved. I had told my parents to come in a month or so after the birth…oops! Our dear friend Holly Hair flew in from China to help us for about a week, which gave my mom time to reschedule her ticket to come in early and help us.

We finally feel like we are able to catch our breath and are doing so much better. One thing that has been very encouraging for us was receiving many letters from so many in the Valley, which has totally blessed our hearts. Thank you all that gave to us.

On a different note, it has been a bittersweet time here at Hannah House. Many of you know Sangla has been the co-founder and backbone of Hannah House and a close friend for so many years. She “held down the fort” for many years serving both in the women’s home and in the prisons until Ashley and I could move here.

In last month’s newsletter we shared that her husband, Supakit, stopped working for us last month so he could go back to the village to help his family with the farm and his father’s children’s home.

Sangla shared that as much as she loved serving with us that she needs to join her husband up in the mountains. She graciously shared that she would continue to help us indefinitely with our prison work, which we are thankful.

What is so incredible is how the Lord goes before us in every way. I praise the Lord that she is leaving us in a good place and at a good time and in such a way that none of our ministry will suffer from her not being here.

Ashley and I have been over here for almost a year and are feeling established and so we will be able to continue with the work here. Honestly ministry has been going great and I am so ready to reengage after having the baby with the ministry and work. God bless you all.