BUHSD mulls new high school

Rancho Los Lagos location
Rancho Los Lagos will be situated on Brawley’s south side

(August 23, 2012, BRAWLEY) – A future housing development called Rancho Los Lagos Project is working its way through the bureaucratic maze of county and state paperwork. This large, multi-purpose site will be built south of Brawley and be close to half the size of Brawley. The plans call for up to three elementary schools, a golf course, senior citizen living, and many other amenities, but no high school.

Unfortunately, the legal window to have the developers pay for part of the new high school that will be needed due to the increase in housing has passed. Jennifer Layaye, BUHS financial director, said she received a call concerning this as she was entering a meeting and was unprepared to make a move on the paperwork, not being fully appraised of the issue.

State funds normally pay for 35% of new high schools which leaves the remaining financial burden of 65% to the district. Layaye informed the school board, at the last meeting August 15, that although there is no money in the budget in the foreseeable future, this project is still 20-25 years away and perhaps there are as many as 40 years down the road before building starts.

Layaye recommended that they still ask the developers to help partially fund the future high school as potential buyers want to know their teenagers have a school to attend and a high school in place will help sell homes.

“This may just be a Hail Mary pass,” Layaye said, “but it is worth a try.”

Rancho Los Lagos possible layout
Planned community sans high school