New Social Services Mobile Office to Service Outlying County Areas

Imperial County Department of Social Services’ new mobile office unit.

EL CENTRO – The Imperial County Department of Social Services hosted an open house of its new Mobile Office unit at the County Administration Center parking lot Tuesday morning during the Imperial County Board of Supervisors regular board meeting.

“I am pleased to announce that the purchase of our mobile unit approved in April of 2015 has now come to fruition thanks to your (Board of Supervisors) support,” said Peggy Price, Social Services Director.

County Supervisors toured the new unit to learn about the various services  the Imperial County Department of Social Services (ICDSS) Mobile Office will provide residents in the County’s outlying areas.

“Not only will we reach all four corners of the County, east, west, south and north, it will also be used during community events and health fairs,” said Price.

The mobile office will be staffed by experienced program technicians who will determine benefit eligibility, process benefit applications, issue benefits and receive documents for Medi-Cal and CalFresh, and other social services programs. The main goal is to increase participation in the programs that will improve the quality of life and strengthen community partnerships by increasing access to services.

Additionally, the mobile unit will be utilized as a disaster response vehicle to respond to impacted areas throughout the county in the event of an emergency.

“This was definitely a good idea and investment,” said John Renison, District 1 Supervisor.

The mobile unit is equipped with two office spaces, computers, kitchen area, restroom and waiting area.



  1. Great idea and use of funds! In the late ’70’s I coordinated a “Jobmobile” (CETA funded), where I did vocational assessments and referrals at locations in 10 of our small towns (Niland, Seeley, Winterhaven, Holtville, etc.)and it was well utilized by people with various needs. Many folks lack transportation or don’t have the time or childcare for the public transit system. I still remember some very successful outcomes and we had great data to document its success. Good luck and please post their schedule weekly and have it posted it the rural post offices, which are often the hub of a small town.

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