New rules limit number of bake sales schools hold per year


by Bob Kellogg 


baking-ban-schools2-270WASHINGTON D.C. – The new restrictions dictate that schools will only be allowed to hold bake sales 30 days out of each school year. These regulations will seriously hamper school clubs and sports teams in their ability to raise funds for activities.

Kyle Olson of Education Action Group says parents have had enough when it comes to overbearing government regulations on school activities.

“We’re seeing school board members and parents standing up and saying, ‘You know this is ridiculous,’” he says. “This is going to have no effect on student health or obesity or any of those sorts of things. All this amounts to is just D.C. bureaucrats trying to control and dictate what parents and local schools are trying to do.”

He says D.C. bureaucrats are trying to regulate the amount of fat, salt and sugar students are consuming.

“So if you have carrot sticks or celery sticks or anything else trendy that they deem healthy, that would be exempt,” he tells OneNewsNow. “So the frustration comes in when that’s what they’re allowing but yet that’s not what kids want.”

Nonetheless, the Tennessee State Board of Education has become the first to pass the sweeping new restrictions in order to comply with the federal rules that went into effect July 1.