New LAMBS Project Coordinator introduced to Brawley City Council

Marjo Mello, Don Wharton, Liz Sorenson, Julie Rowe, Don Campbell, Judy Grant

BRAWLEY – At their regular meeting of Tuesday, March 18, the Brawley City Council was introduced to the new Literacy and Mobile Books Services (LAMBS) Project Coordinator Julie Rowe.

Julie Rowe

“I’m thankful for this opportunity,” said Rowe. “I feel this is a very important program for our community.”

Rowe has been in the position since January 14, 2014.

“I’m all about kids and promoting literacy,” said Rowe. “I do have a degree in English. It’s been a great experience so far. I really like it. It’s a great program for kids to get ready for kinder. It allows them to learn to like books, get used to picking up a book, and how to turn the pages of a book. By the time they start school they are already excited about it.”

The LAMBS bus travels to pre-schools throughout the Imperial County.

“We go from Ocotillo to Winterhaven and from Niland to Calexico,” said Rowe. “We have been focusing on underprivileged areas. We go to places where families and parents can’t get to their local libraries. Some parents just don’t have time to take their kids to the library. We are promoting literacy to preschool aged children so when they get to kinder, they have already been exposed to books.”

Rowe has two assistants on the LAMBS bus.

Gloria Sumaya is the presenter on the LAMBS bus. She reads to the children.

Erika Noriega drives the bus and gives books out to the children.

aThe LAMBS bus, which was recently refurbished and painted, leaves an impression on the kids.

“We were recently at a health fair,” said Rowe. “A 13 year old girl asked if she could come on the bus. She said that she had so many memories of the bus when she was little. That’s how much it impacted her. It was really touching.”

The LAMBS bus is based out of the Brawley Public Library.

“When the kids see the bus coming,” said Rowe, “they get so excited!”