New IID Directors are sworn in


EL CENTRO – At a special meeting of the Imperial Irrigation District Board of Directors the newly elected Directors were sworn in.

Resolutions were adopted honoring outgoing Directors John Pierre Menvielle and Stella Mendoza.

Mendoza was absent.

Vice President Matt Dessert and Director James Hanks commented on President Menvielle.

“I want to thank President Menvielle for his 8 years of service,” said Dessert. “No one represented the IID Board better than him. There were issues we didn’t agree on, but there were many we did agree on. I want to thank him for his insight, direction, and experience.”

Director Hanks said, “Nobody has put in the amount of time President Menvielle has on this Board. He is truly dedicated. He has given 8 years out of his life. I want to wish him well in his future endeavors and I hope they bring him joy and success for the rest of his life.”

“I want to thank all of the people who supported me over the last 8 years,” said Menvielle, “including staff, ratepayers, my family, and my wife. Good luck to the new Board and hopefully we move everything forward in a positive manner. The Imperial Valley is a great place to live. I’m very thankful that I had 8 years on the IID Board. Thank you.”

Superior Court Judge Juan Ulloa administered the oath of office to the newly elected Directors Bruce Kuhn, Division 2, Steve Benson, Division 4, and Norma Galindo, Division 5.

“I want to thank everyone for having the confidence to elect me to this post,” said Galindo. “I can tell you that I will work with integrity and honesty. I will not make decisions in haste. I prefer to abstain from making a decision than making an uninformed decision. I would like to thank my husband and the small cadre of men who are not threatened by a strong woman.”

“I want to thank those who helped me win this election,” said Kuhn.  “I had some very good people help me.”

“My goal on this Board is to serve the public,” said Benson. “I thank all of the voters who put me in office, those who helped in my campaign, and my family. It is an important job for me and I will take it seriously. I’m looking forward to the future. This Valley was started by farming and I’m here to protect it. We are now looking at a new budget and I welcome your ideas.”

The next meeting will be December 10.




  1. Kelley, Garber, Escalera, Osias. Do they belong at a billion dollar commpany? These same names keep coming up when incompetence & corruption are mentioned.Yet, they seem to be favorites of the IVP. I guess we have to draw our own conclusions. Hopefully, the new board will do so also.

  2. Kevin Kelley is way over his head managing a billion dollar company. His only experience was writing part time for the IVP rag.So is Garber. Osias treats him like a wqter boy. Kelley tried to save Garber by floating him off to Power like he did Mario Escalera. Mario has been a bully there and Garber will be a waste there, too. Do you think Kelley is sweating because he managed Menvielle’s campaign against Kuhn & did the writing? Or that he managed Sanchez’ campaign against Galindo and did the writing? Looks like Kuhn & Galindo learned better the second time around.

  3. Peon is right about the IVP yellow rag. M&M, Kevin and Garber till seem to run it.And Kevin probably wrote the article. At least he has a job when he’s thrown out at IID. He just doesn’t have the experience to manage a billion dollar company, nor should Garber be around any longer. He’s way over his head and good only for carrying Osias’ bags.

  4. Snide remarks right after installation show the ignorance and predjudice of the writers. Give this new board a chance to perform; then make your comment. It is too early. With so much corruption it will take time to clean up IID.

    • At least two of the new board members have been bought and paid for by people who have openly declared their intentions to disband the IID as it is known…sell off power dept area/assets, disregard all “non-farmer” concerns and more…This is all public knowledge…hell it’s the main platform of the Imperial Group…So don’t give me any bullshit about “a chance to perform”…they are going to march in lockstep with their masters (Morgan, Elmore, Osterkamp, et al)

      • And the result will be perpetuation of the one horse economy with 29% unemployment and this poorest of the poor communities will remain the same. Our best,strongest and brightest kids will continue to have to swim away from this desert island (their homes and their families) to find progress, economic opportunity and more prosperous futures.

  5. Charlie you had your chance. Now let some honest directors do their job. Homegirl, Hanks has been calling for enhancement and enforcement of governance policies for years. as has Dessert. I think the new directors added enough integrity on the board to implement.

    • I know Hanks has talked about it Freddie but likely intends in the opposite direction of what is necessary-more control. The Board needs enhanced governance structure to keep their hands, their conflicts of interest and their politics out of the IID business operation not in it. If the Board were forced to focus outward on long term vision, strategy, planning, policy….and were not focused inward on the business operation IID wouldn’t be the fumbling, reactive and drifting business mess that it is. Hundreds of millions of dollars will continue to be lost, stolen and wasted if ehancement and enforcement of IID’s governance policy isn’t implemented. Actions speak much louder than words Freddie.

  6. I love it!! All you morons who were clamoring for “change” in your delusional rants about “corruption” at IID are starting to turn on each other…beautiful. Haha…

    • Don’t mind Charlie-he’s got a little superiority complex going on. Come on Charlie do something besides just bloviate. A smart guy like you surely has many followers- why don’t you become the spokes hole for the enhancement and enforcement of IID’s governance policy and let’s fix this pig of a public business enterprise once and for all? Sing the chant Charlie- ENHANCE AND ENFORCE IID’S GOVERNANCE POLICY.

  7. It is apparent from recent IVMMP stories and editorials that they are still running hit pieces on the current IID directors and by association, the electorate. The IVMMP believes that had it not been for the billboards swaying the “weak-minded” voters, Menvielle and Mendoza would have won.
    We, the voters, had had enough of “M and M” selling out the ratepayers in favor of outside interests and using the IID to employ family and friends. I perosnallym have had enough of the IVMM Press. They are a rag; not a newspaper.
    It was time to try something new and we did.

  8. If anyone happens to read the Dec. 9, 2012, IV Press Editorial (and I don’t recommend it), please note that the editors failed to tell you that it was written by Kevin E. Kelley.

    Yep, honest and transparent they sure is.

    • If Kevin didn’t write it they sure don’t know what they are talking about either. “Kelley doing a good job” ppppplease!! Like Helen Keller managing a $500,000,000 per pear public business enterprise. Ready, fire, aim……….

  9. Look at that picture. What is Porky thinking. Is he thinking about his Carne Asada rub? How to get more business from the Farmer’s? Or did he forget to take his morning dump? Will be fun to see these 4 WASP’s make the initial calvary charge.

  10. Sit, listen, think and learn Stevo. Utilizing your present Q card is not governing nor representative of the interests of the IID ratepayers. You look real nice ese all dressed up but let’s govern this time intelligently, pragmatically and with substance. We are at a critical crossroads with the potential to lose it all…our autonomy, our potential for regional financial benefit from our control area and our self determination for the future of our entire region.

  11. NO! Steve-O, sit your behind down and watch and listen and learn. The Farmers don’t need no super hero…..they have Farm Sudsidies. Farmers, like the Republican’s will never run this valley again.

    • seeing the ruination the demoncrats have brought upon california and the imperial valle republicans should be running things.

      life is better for all when logic and governance are followed.

      • Republicans should be running things? Into the ditch maybe. The Repub’s as we have known them for the last 50 years are dying off. Hopefully the next group of Repub’s will be smarter and humane. The good old boy’s are up and dancing with this takeover of IID. Thing is this is their last dance. Enjoy. After party @ Scaroni’s. Demographics 101.

  12. Well homegirl it looks simple to me lets take the 10% ag out of the valley and the other 90% well need to live somewhere else I believe there 10% keeps us 90% working

    • Point is Captain – it is not a Directors job to protect any special interest group but to direct, guide and lead the district toward the delivery of cost effective electric and water services to ALL IID ratepayers. Stevo’s new found power delusion and need to try to protect 10% vocal minority farming interests (his own) is just more of the same old story and will lead to continued reaching into the business operation with political chaos and the “circus like business atmosphere”. More sophisticated outside political and business interests will continue to wave at us as they bypass our region taking our financial opportunities (including water) and our regional autonomy and self determination.

    • That would never work. Who’s going to pick the crops and do all the other manual labor? White Folk? It will also put the Mexicali Laborers in a position to demand and receive higher pay and better treatment. You would also have the sell-out’s (Coco’s) here, but they are not very good Laborer’s.

  13. The first comment out of Stevo’s mouth as an IID Director is potentially problematic- ” I am here to serve the public” and “I’m here to protect farming”. Stick with the public Stevo- they are 90% of IID’s revenue and ratepayers- they are your constiuents. Ag/farming is a special interest and amounts to the vocal minority 10% of IID ratepayers. Listen, learn, think and act in the interest of ALL the IID ratepayers or you become just another impediment to our region’s economic diversification and progress. ENHANCE AND ENFORCE IID’S GOVERNANCE POLICY AND KEEP THE BOARDS POLITICS, CONFLICTS OF INTEREST AND THE VOCAL MINORITY 10 % SPECIAL INTERESTS OUT OF THE DAY TO DAY IID BUSINESS OPERATION.

    • You need to do a work study with a small farmer. You can trade room and board for work. It’ll be a good deal for you, since I doubt you have much to offer in the work department. Learn what it takes to produce something that has value.

      • Another ag ruffian assailing a lady doubting she has much to offer in the work department. Let’s talk about child birth tough guy. Pull your bottom lip out in front of your face as far as you can until the pain is so bad you can’t stand it any longer. Now pull the lower lip up over the top of your head. I’ve got a handshake like an old school dairyman you ag ruffian.

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