Navy Set to Publish Record of Decision for F-35C West Coast Home Basing in the Fall


us fleet forces commandThe Department of the Navy is continuing work in preparation of the Record of Decision for the West Coast home basing of the F35C Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter.

The Navy had originally announced that it would publish the Record of Decision (ROD) in the summer of 2014. The publication is now expected sometime within the next couple of months.

The ROD will specify which alternative the Navy will implement and will address comments received on the Final Environmental Impact Statement (EIS).

Public input is very important in order for the Navy to fully understand community concerns and relevant issues.

The public comment period following publication of the Draft EIS took place from February 15-May 7, 2013. The Navy extended the comment period from the original deadline of April 22, 2013.

The Final EIS was released to the public May 14 of this year and addressed comments received during the comment period.