National Beef confirms new closure date



BRAWLEY – National Beef Packing Company spokesperson Keith Welty confirmed that the Brawley beef processing facility will extend their April 4th closing date to May 23.

A deal has been worked out with National Beef and local cattle feeders and the Imperial Valley Ad Hoc Committee to extend the closing date of the beef processing plant to accommodate the larger cattle that are currently in local feed yards. National Beef owns the contracts on these cattle and it will save them from having to ship the cattle to another location outside of California, most likely to Kansas.

May 21st is the last day cattle will be accepted at the plant and May 23rd will be the final day of operation.

The deal was worked out last week. National Beef had to inform their employees, labor union, Imperial County, and the City of Brawley.

The Imperial County Air Quality Control District has said that they will write up any compliance issues at the Brawley plant up until it closes.

Wastewater issues will be monitored as well by the City of Brawley and the Regional Water Quality Control Board. National Beef can be fined up to $5,000 per violation by the city, but they can fine them less if they choose.

Lower energy costs and other incentives offered to National Beef if they decided to keep the plant open are not part of this time extension.

This extension will also give the feedlot owners some more time to find a potential buyer for the plant and to explore other options.

National Beef processing plants in other states are currently operating on the same 4 day work week as the Brawley plant.