Mystery and romance take flight at the 10th annual Air Show Gala

Two characters from the murder mystery plot tell a group of guest their background and characteristics, adding to the suspense of the murder scene at the 10th annual Air Show Gala at the NAF El Centro.


“We put this together to strengthen the relationship between NAF El Centro and the El Centro business community,” explained David Tyler, president of the El Centro Chamber of Commerce. “We also raise money to help the NAF put on the air show.”

The white draping tent and red carpet at the entrance led the way to an elegantly decorated Hangar Eight at the Naval Air Facility. This set the formal tone for guests entering with equally elegant attire.

Guests availed themselves of a photo booth and an open bar, while waiters served champagne and appetizers. A silent auction table was open for guests to donate as well as win unique and extraordinary prizes such as tickets to the 2017 NFL Pro Bowl or an all expense trip to Mexico.

“Something new we brought to the Gala this year is the Mystery Dinner,” explained Terri Rodgers, an event coordinator. “We thought it would be a good way to bring everyone together. It starts at the beginning of the event and continues until the end of dinner.”

The Murder Mystery Company, sponsored by International Farm Services, LLC., put together a murder case for guests to solve. At the start of the evening, the eccentric characters mingled and chatted with guests, attempting to blend with the crowd, despite their unconventional outfits and abnormal behavior. Clever and colorful characters such as “Bob Wire” and “Lil’ Lucy Fur”  made their way around the venue, giving guests a sense of their characteristics and background information. This gave guests pieces to a puzzle they would spend the night solving.

Once dinner commenced, guests were picked from the crowd to play a character in the mystery, sporting either a funny hat or bright scarf to show their participation. Guests worked within their dinner tables as they were given scripts and information about the mystery. The group to guess the correct murderer at the end of dinner would be the winning table.

“The cooperation we’ve received from the NAF and all of our sponsors for tonight is fantastic,” said Tyler.

“We’d like to thank the Navy base for having us on board,” commented Rodgers. “We expect 250 people here tonight and it’s suppose to be one of our big events for the El Centro Chamber.”

“This is the first event I’ve been to and it is beautiful,” said guest Diana Tetters. “I think it’s gorgeous. My favorite part would have to be the ambiance of the whole thing. Seeing everybody looking nice- is nice. I’m just glad to be here for the first time.”

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