Multiple agencies coordinate to find missing person



EL CENTRO — An elderly man reported missing has been successfully located after multiple agencies coordinated together to find him, according to a press release from the California Highway Patrol.

According to reports, the California Highway Patrol dispatch received a call from the Brawley Police Department on June 5 at about 8:38 p.m. saying that the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office was working on a missing person case.

The missing person was identified as Gerald McGroarty, 78, and he was believed to be in the Calipatria area due to cell phone pings. But after searching, the Calipatria Police Department was unable to locate McGroarty and CHP units were dispatched to the area, as well as to other locations in Imperial County where the cell phone pings were registering. Dispatchers were eventually able to contact McGroarty on his cell phone, and they reported he was disoriented and confused and could not provide information on his location, the release said.

With extensive coordination between the Riverside County Sheriff’s Office, Imperial County Sheriff’s Office, and AT&T, Officer Mark Maldonado located the subject near SR 111 and Aten Road after about 90 minutes, the press release said. An ambulance was called to ensure McGroarty’s physical wellbeing and family members were contacted to pick him up.

The subject’s family was complimentary of the officers and dispatchers who worked to locate McGroarty, the release said.