Montenegro Swears in Fernandez and Contreras to BUHSD Board

The Honorable Ruth Montenegro swears in elected BUHSD board members
The Honorable Ruth Montenegro swears in elected BUHSD board members


BRAWLEY – The Honorable Ruth Montenegro administered the oath of office to re-elected BUHSD school board member Ralph Fernandez and recently elected Gabriel Contreras. Immediately following, Carol Sassie was elected board president, Rusty Garcia became vice-president, and Ceci Dial, clerk of the board.

The Board honored Junior, Reece Presley, and senior, Cole Pfister, as the Elk’s Students of the Month for November.

Kevin Hickingbottom
Kevin Hickingbottom addressed the board

They also acknowledged Betty Hardy and Olivia Lopez as the Employees of the Month.


Kevin Hickingbottom addressed the board during public comments on the bullying his daughter received from fellow teammates. He first complemented the board on the direction the school has taken under the helm of Superintendent Dr. Danielian.

“98% is positive, but I’m here to talk about the 2% that isn’t,” Hickingbottom told the board.

His daughter has left the bullying situation, he said, but he added that it gave the impression that the bullies had won and the victim was the only one punished.

Another mother stood up in support of Hickingbottom’s complaint. Her daughter left the team to concentrate on academics and received some of the same treatment.

“It comes from the top,” Hickingbottom told the board, “not just from the other girls on the team.”

Jesse Sanchez, Assistant Principal, reported on the steps taken to secure the campus after the September 16th robbery and vandalism.

Sanchez explained the proposed fencing that would weave between buildings to separate the cafeteria, gyms, and athletic fields from the main campus. These areas are used evenings and weekends by the community, other schools, and BUHS, so the fencing would prohibit them from entering the main campus, preventing vandelism and theft.

Sanchez said designated offices and computer labs would be rekeyed, the school would install an alarm system in designated offices and computer labs, and weekend locks would be installed.

A night security agent presently walks the campus from 11:00 p.m. to 6:00 a.m. seven days a week.

An advanced security system was voted to be sent out to bid involving placing cameras around the main campus. Brawley Police officer Brett Howser said the new camera/surveillance systems work well even in very low light areas.

Sanchez reminded the board that the cameras would also be beneficial during school hours as a deterrent to fighting.

Reece Presley is the November Elk Student of the Month
Reece Presley is the November Elk Student of the Month
Cole Pfister with board president Carol Sassie