Mobile Home Park takes brunt of damage in Brawley



Condemned home in Mobile trailer park
A mobile home entrance has been chained and locked to keep the owner from returning

(August 28, 2012, BRAWLEY) – Twenty mobile homes in the park off North Imperial Avenue in Brawley have been condemned by the Building Inspection department, many more were declared unsafe. One gentleman refused to obey the city evacuation order and the police returned to remove him from his house and chained his front door closed.

Another family, Estella and Salvador Partida, are more than willing to move to their daughter’s apartment. They were alone with their young granddaughter when the quakes began to come.

“It was the last one, it jerked us, it jerked our home right off of the foundation. We are going to fix it and sell it.” Salvador Partida explained. The extended family sat in patio chairs under the skewed aluminum carport that listed far to the right.

The mobile home moved a good foot, shearing off the skirt that wrapped the bottom of the home. The broken foundation was now exposed.

The county emergency services along with the Red Cross have established an emergency shelter at the IVC gym.

As Tony Rohoutas, Imperial County Fire Chief, said, “We have protocol on setting up emergency shelters, one of them is to be away from the danger. If we had set the shelter at the Lion’s Center, there was always a chance we would have had to evacuate the evacuation shelter. So we set it up at IVC and we are providing services for those that need transportation.”

Elizabeth Enriquez-Phillips  of te Disaster Services of the Red Cross said, “We will maintain the shelter as long as there is need.”

If you need more information about the shelters, call the Red Cross at (858) 309-1200 and if you need transportation, call (760)- 482-2461