Miracle at West, Texas


Mercy Chefs

WEST, TEXAS – Gary LeBlanc of Mercy Chefs shared an amazing “loaves and fishes” story.

The need in West, Texas, is still great and the situation remains unsettled. Many families remain displaced from last week’s devastating blast.


Gary’s team of Mercy Chefs was asked to continue their efforts of providing meals because the need is so great. 


A few days ago, Gary went to the Emergency Command Center where he was greeted by a man who shared an amazing story.


The Command Center had been providing meals to the recovery crew and emergency personnel who were working at “Ground Zero” of the blast zone. The Command Center realized they had underestimated how many meals they would need. In fact they were about 150 meals short and would not be able to feed 150 workers.


The volunteers at the Command Center decided to stop and pray and ask God for some sort of “loaves and fishes” miracle so they could feed these selfless heroes.


About 10 minutes after that prayer a Mercy Chefs truck pulled up with… yes…. 150 extra meals! Gary’s crew had precisely 150 meals left over from lunch and felt like they should take those meals, unannounced, to the Command Center.