Mexico denies Ebola claim

Dr. Ruiz Matus Cuitláhuac
Dr. Ruiz Matus Cuitláhuac

MEXICO – In the late hours of Wednesday, Aug. 6, through a site named, news spread about an alleged case of Ebola in Mexico, specifically a student in Mexico City.

That claim was taken up through social networks by newspaper Zócalo de Saltillo in Coahuila. Immediately upon investigation, the news turned out to be false.

The spokesman for the Federal Health Ministry in Mexico, Dr. Ruiz Matus Cuitláhuac, Director General of Epidemiology, in charge of contagious diseases such as Ebola,   reaffirmed that there is no case in Mexico.

The Ministry of Health of Coahuila, part of the National Health System joins the surveillance efforts headed by the Federal Government in monitoring all suspected Ebola cases.