Mexican Consulate In Calexico Gives $16,500 In Scholarships

Calexico High School students receive $300 scholarships from the Mexican Consulate in Calexico to assist with their education

CALEXICO – The Consulate of Mexico in Calexico awarded $16,500 for scholarships as part of its IME-BECAS program to the Imperial Valley Foundation and the Calexico Desert Valley Bandits Monday afternoon at the Mexican Consulate Offices.

The IME-BECAS Scholarship Program is funded by the Mexican Government to assist students of Mexican descent who live in the United States and wish to further their education.

“This program is designed to assist Mexican and Mexican/American students living in the U.S., that want to continue their education in an effort to achieve their dreams” said Carlos Flores Vizcarra, Consul Titular of the Mexican Consulate in Calexico. “These scholarships will assist the parents of these young men and women with college expenditures.”

This year the Mexican Government awarded over $30 million pesos among the 50 Mexican Consulates located throughout the United States.

“Truly, the amount of the scholarship is not important, it’s the fact that there is someone who wants to lend you (scholarship recipients) a helping hand with your education whether it be for books, transportation or meals,” said Vizcarra.

IME-BECAS is comprised of money raised from public and private sectors which include 160 organizations in the U.S. and businesses in Mexico.

A total of fifteen Imperial County students received $300, of which nine were from Calexico High School; Thyara Aguilar Alvarado, Karen Ponce, Ana Karen Barajas, Braian J. Ballesteros, Samantha Ruiz, Valentina Lira Rangel, Lesly Denisset Alcaraz Mendoza, Carina Coronado, and Kiara Yamin Lorena Lopez Paez.

“I am very grateful to be one of the recipients,” said Thyara Aguilar Alvarado, Calexico 9th grade student. “I plan to save this money for my future and for things that I am going to need in college.”

Thyara plans to move to Los Angeles after she graduates and attend the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA) to major in Criminal Justice.

Valentina Lira Rangel who recently graduated from Calexico High School said the financial support received will come in very handy when she attends Imperial Valley College during the winter where she will major in Criminal Justice.

Additional scholarship recipients included, five students from West Shores High School also received Francisco Pantoja Troncoso, Gerardo Moises Alvarez, Cecilia Mendoza, Javier De Jesus Elenes and Roberto Noriega Castro, and Jarihtci Moreno from San Pascual High School.

The IME-BECAS program has reached over 12,000 students through the 50 Mexican Consulates located throughout the U.S

Kiara Yamin Lorena Lopez Paez said this scholarship comes in perfect timing for her.

“I will be attending Imperial Valley College this winter and need all of the financial assistance I can get to purchase books and help my parents out so they don’t have to spend a lot of money,” said Kiara. “This is the second scholarship that I receive and I thank God for this one.”

Kiara is the first in her family to attend a college or university and said was happy to be a role model and mentor for her younger sister.

Those who wish to receive a scholarship must apply and meet the requirements of the organization issuing the grant.

IME-BECAS was created in 2005 and the Government of Mexico has granted 10 million pesos annually to nonprofit social organizational institutions with education and training programs or support to higher education for Mexican immigrants interested in starting, continuing, or completing their studies.

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