Metalachi Band Rocks Second Annual Beer Fest



CALEXICO —  With a few specialty brewers, coupled with all you can drink beer and great performances by rock bands like Metalachi and La Cachimba, the Second Annual Beer Fest held at Gran Plaza Outlet entertained over 1,000 people Friday evening.

“This year’s beer tasting definitely has surpassed last year’s,” said Celeste Jimenez, the customer service manager for Gran Plaza Outlets. “We are very happy with the amount of people that have attended. It’s approximately 9:30, and we already hit our 1,000 visitor mark. It’s wonderful to see people attending and enjoying the events we put together, which of course, benefit our merchants.”

The event featured 40 brands of beer included Samuel Adams, Heineken, Guinness, Miller Light, Blue Moon, Tecate XX Lager, and Coors Light from over six breweries including Claypool Distributing, Humble Farm Brewing Company, Early Girl Creations, Founders Brewing, Lagunita Brewing Company, Muxa Brewing, and Saint Archer Brewing Company.

“All I can say is wow!” said Crystal Villaseñor, an El Centro resident. “This is much nicer than last year’s beer tasting. This year they (Grand Plaza Outlets) gave us this little beer mug and we are able to sample as many beers as we want versus last year, when we were only given ten tickets to sample ten beers and any additional samplings we had to purchase. Definitely this year we got more for our money.”

The event also featured a wide variety of foods including traditional carne asada tacos, fried shrimp, nachos and funnel cakes.

“I’m here with some of my friends, and we are definitely having a great time sampling the many beers” said Fernanda Robles.

The Gran Plaza Outlets worked hand-in-hand with the city of Calexico, the Calexico Police Department and Homeland Security to ensure everyone’s safety, according to organizers.

“I came to see Metalachi, but once I got here, the beer was just too tempting,” said Viridiana Gomez, a Calexico resident. “I normally don’t drink, but I have sampled a few that I might just think of buying once in a while.”

Local rock group La Cachimba Spanish opened the concert with its traditional music, however, when the group Metalachi took the stage, the lights dimmed and the crown went wild singing along to the unique beat of both rock and mariachi music.

“This group is amazing,” said Carlos Santos, a Yuma resident. “This is the first time I’ve seen them perform and I am in complete shock. I just don’t know how they can play both genres of music, mix it into one and sound so well together. This group really rocks.”

The event was open to the community, ages 21 and over.

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