Men’s Movies


Jim_ShinnI like men’s movies! I also like a lot of chick flicks.

I am married so it is part of my job description to take the wife to women’s movies or watch with her on Lifetime or other chick channels. It is all good.

I studied film a little in college, did a few films myself and appreciate good writing and acting.

The latest movie for males is the “A Good Day to Die Hard” with Bruce Willis. I think it is the 5th in the “Die Hard” series and they have a formula that is entertaining and full of great one-liners. If you have never seen a Die Hard movie, well, I am sorry you were in a coma!

There are two common themes in men’s movies, one of which is baloney, and the other which is very real and important. die hard

The first flimsy film foundation is the rugged individual theme which began in the westerns in early Hollywood and continue on today in movies with Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Harrison Ford, Sylvester Stallone, etc. They all follow after John Wayne and Clint Eastwood, where an individual, will go out, against major odds, and with mad skills, save the day.

It is a fantasy approach to personal and social problems, and although unrealistic, very entertaining. It is just a superhero theme that encourages us all in the face of some of our own futility.

This common theme, falls flat in the face of Biblical truth. In Genesis, it talks about “it is not good for man to be alone.” And what does stupid Cain do to Abel, because of a mad mood swing? Other than Satan, Cain is one of our first villains in the Bible.

If you get upset, pray about it and then later, the Bible says in James, “seek wisdom.” That is the reason we have church leadership, so we have a pastor, deacon or elder to help us when we are surrounded by bad guys or ideas. Jesus always sent his disciples out in pairs and I am not sure of the verse, but I think in Proverbs it talks about strength increasing when three of us come together rather than two!

denzel WashingtonAlthough I like the rugged individual idea, I really like the other popular themes of restoration and redemption. It is a reoccurring theme in many of Denzel Washington’s movies. “Flight” is just one example. Caution in watching his last flick because of the soft porn, but it did serve the purpose of showing how low people fall, but God can still redeem them.

I haven’t seen the new Die Hard drama, but a friend emailed me and said  it, like his last Die Hard movie, is a prodigal father story. You have the father, married to his job who neglects family and children, but after years of separation, becomes reconciled with his kids.

I like when that happens, and it really makes for a happier ending. Of course, I like it when all the bad guys are dead, but I like it when a bad guy becomes good. Stories of salvation always touch my heart.

I am not going to tell it here, but I will over coffee, about my own reconciliation stories. Your life is a movie and you have power to possibly rewrite some scripts.

To change the outcome of a life story it requires men to decide that family and faith, are more important than fame. I encourage you not to go it alone. If you have a separation with a family member, then seek support and wisdom in your church. If you don’t have a church, find one. There is always room for another prodigal man in the pews. And for those sitting around you in church, we rejoice in another happy ending!