Last month, I helped take a group of youth to a conference entitled “Fearless” put on by Planet Wisdom. Our church has been going to the once a year Los Angelels’ Planet Wisdom conference for many years, and it is a great conference for youth. Every time I attend, I leave a little wiser. This year’s theme was to fear less in life, and the teens were taught some skills that can not only last a lifetime, but make for a better life.

Men have fears. We start our lives with fear before birth, “What will the real world be like?” and the last years are spent worrying, “What will happen in the afterlife?” I don’t remember worrying about the first fears, but the end of life, well I am fearless!! I have a relationship with my Savior Jesus Christ, and that is all that is required to seal my fate, or confirm my faith.

For any situation, if you are fearful, you should have a faith response. Hence the phrase, “faith your fears.” This relates to the saying, “Faith is fear that has said its prayers. Or how about the acronym for F.E.A.R…face everything and relax! Also, the opposite of fear is not bravery; it is Trust in God.

Churches can always use adult volunteers on trips, and you may find yourself more blessed than your younger brethren. Here are a couple of gems of wisdom I want to share with my brothers in Reader Land. If any of the following three fit, then you need some faith.

First off, fear captures you. Your thinking starts stinking and you find yourself in “what-if land” and you can’t get out, kind of like a spider web. One fear leads to more. In my family, we will lose health insurance in the fall, but since my faith is full, it is all manageable. I could be captured by the lies of potential financial collapse, but I try to take all my thoughts captive (2 Cor. 10:5).

Fears can also cripple us. It can take away our power, mobility, security and peace. Some people can’t leave the house. Others find it difficult to make decisions. It is hard to relax when you think the world is going down in a handbasket. It is easy to just give up what power you have and live an under abundant life in defeat or impotence. Now some folks have serious, diagnosed problems with anxiety, and for them, I say see the doctor and get some meds if you really need them. Too many of us drive through life on a flat tire of fear, when we just need to go to the trunk and find our faith.

Finally, fear can consume us. It eats away at us and we live a life that is not fully alive. It is not fun to live in a constant state of fight or flight. It is not healthy and it just takes so much energy to defend ourselves from the continuing flow of fear. Kind of like swimming up river: It takes the joy out of being in the water.

If you don’t like being captured, crippled or consumed by fear, them call out to God and commit to Him. He will make your fear less and make you fearless. We are in the middle of a spiritual battle, and the enemy will not let up, until you call for reinforcements or should I say, “reinfaithments”.

If you are a reader, Max Lucado has a good book entitled Fearless but the best book is the Bible and you can see how others, like David, Moses, Elijah and yes, Jesus, all “faithed” their fears.