Men’s Meetings



 The idea of men’s meetings has been a reoccurring theme for the “Men’s Message” since we began writing last year.

I will continue to encourage men to come together even more. This last week, I attended the “Main Event” men’s conference in Nashville, TN with one of the leaders of Valley Baptist Church. We went on the trip to have some fun, see some sights and learn more about men’s ministry. We were blessed to hear Tony Evans, talk two different times, as well as the Kendrick brothers, who brought us films like “Courageous”, “Facing the Giants” and “Fireproof.” There was great worship and each speaker from the two day conference was top notch.

I will share a little in this column about my learning curve, and in future columns I hope to bring good news from different local churches and information about their men’s meetings and ministries. If you would like to be highlighted here in the men’s message, either email me a few paragraphs to or leave me a message at 760-353-5059 and I will pay for the coffee.

Several speakers shared about resources they have for men’s ministries. Tony Evan’s large church in Dallas uses “Kingdom Men”. Life-Way, a Baptist organization that sponsored the event, shared about “33” the series, which is a multi-volume program to equip men to pursue authentic manhood as modeled by Jesus Christ and the 33 years He lived on earth.

The Kendrick brothers discussed “Courageous” and “The Resolution for Men” that will be coming out in October. “Manhood Restored” is a 6 session men’s Bible study discussed by Dr. Eric Mason, a pastor of a large church in Philadelphia. The west coast was also present with Kenny Luck, from Saddleback Church in Orange County, and he shared of large men’s meetings using the 6 week study entitled “Sleeping Giant.”

Too many men don’t know how to be a Godly husband or father, and their sons are watching and learning dysfunctional ways to lead or abandon the family.  Our families and culture continues to recycle the notion of men behaving badly. We can’t depend upon the schools, media or government to change man culture and many churches are stepping up to the plate.

Some of the men’s meetings in Orange County draw 300+ men for 6:00 am meetings. Just recently, at the 2nd Baptist Church in El Centro, men’s meetings were held entitled, REAL Men Love Jesus. REAL represented Reliable, Enjoyable, Acceptable and Lovable.

In Brawley, the Gateway Church has taken leadership with its “Man-Up conferences it has organized over the past years. As the new school year begins, let’s hope more men get schooled in being men after God’s own heart.