Mendoza and Menvielle ask for prosecution of whistleblower

John Pierre Menvielle and Stella Mendoza

EL CENTRO – At the regular meeting of the IID Board of Directors Vance Taylor, Assistant General Counsel, gave an update to the ongoing email investigation.

“The findings of this investigation,” said Taylor, “were that the emails were stolen from President Menvielle. An employee of IID obtained the emails under false pretenses and distributed them. General Manager Kevin Kelley instructed me to turn the matter over to law enforcement.  The file is with the District Attorney’s office. The DA is currently evaluating the case to determine if it is appropriate for criminal prosecution. If the DA opts not to prosecute, the Attorney General has expressed interest in the case.”

“I had asked for this to be put on the agenda for an update,” said Director Stella Mendoza. “It is my hope that when Director Menvielle and I leave this board, you will continue with the investigation. Whoever was involved in stealing the emails should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law. I know there are one or two sitting directors that were involved. I hope that anyone involved will be sanctioned. It’s a crime.”

Incoming IID Director Bruce Kuhn commented from the public.

“The content of the emails is quite damning,” said Kuhn. “If this investigation goes as far as you are asking, it could turn around on the parties in the emails.”

Michael Morgan, Brawley, also commented.

“Your staff that is doing the investigation was part of the conspiracy,” said Morgan. “The emails are public documents. Please consider carefully what you are asking. You’re trying to punish a whistleblower.”

President Menvielle expressed the same desire to punish the IID employee that allegedly stole the emails.

“Time will tell,” said Menvielle.

“You need to get outside counsel to determine if the IID Board can be run by a General Manager, General Counsel, and two lawyers,” said Morgan. “You need to know if that is in the benefit of the public before you hurt an employee of the IID’s career.”

The Desert Review published some of the emails in question.

The content of the emails have brought into question some potential violations of the Brown Act, some IID business outside of the IID Board meetings, and possible tampering with the Imperial Valley Grand Jury.






  1. Don’t ignore the corruption at the DA’s office. They are, too, responsible for real suffering in this poorest of the poor community. This is another incumbent that needs to be removed- more dangerous and destructive than all your bad guys put together. You need to broaden your interests, educate yourself and speak out. If you put anything in their hands you will be taking twenty steps back. Menvielle and Mendoza have close ties to Otero.

    • Actually when you state”Menvielle and Mendoza have close ties to Otero” you are quite correct. Otero is merely Stella’s cousin. (Nothing to see here folks!)

      We just need to cut the B/S and go forward. There are enough real problems with the IID and the County to to use public funds for private vendetta’s. If the Imperial Valley Press Mendozao/Menvielle (IVMMP) SuperPac wants to prosecute/investigate, they should use their own money, not the IID’s and not the County’s.

    • If this new board can’t rise above the fray and fix IID then it is time to call in higher public authority to do so. It is very wrong that our publicly owned business enterprise is allowed to continue to drain this poorest of the poor communities of hundreds of millions of dollars through loss, theft, waste and chaos.

  2. The legal system works. Let the law take its course with the “whistleblower” and whatever Directors were involved. The good news for any of those that might be prosecuted is that we’ve got some lovely local state prisons around here and their families and sympathizers won’t have to drive too far to visit.

    We just need to get this terribly unproductive and stupid episode and the two unseated incumbent Directors on down the road now.

    • So La Homie says if Turtle and Tazmanian Devil are involved we should just let it be. Come on Homie I need some new rich cellies. If Stellita or Tonito were involved they would be in the Pinta quicker than you can say, “Those damn Mexican’s”. I know Galindo, Benson and Porky Pig can carry the show until the next election.

    • “The legal system works.” The local DA’s Office is as corrupt as they come. You would know that if you came up for air once in a while.
      Kuhn did not release the emails before the election. What is stopping him from leaking them now?

  3. If a Director was involved in anyway he should be let go. Simple as that. All those Confedera….opppps, Farmers in that room know the whole story and they actually think they can get away with it. Mr. Kuhn, you like to state your in the middle…BS, your a lover of Farmer’s money.

    • What do you think ese- if the 2 remaining incumbents are ousted for their participation in this stupid episode- that will make 5 incumbents gone like magic. Does anybody think that there may be justification for THE ENHANCEMENT AND ENFORCEMENT OF IID’S GOVERNANCE POLICY? If we don’t the same unproductive crony gyrations and board conflicts of interest are going to occur over and over and over again until we do.

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