Men Who Support Slavery


Jim_Shinn“Me?? No way!! I don’t support slavery! I never had relatives who lived in the South! No way Jose!” It is very easy to minimize our role in supporting slavery.

It is in our culture and we are often confused about the issue. The slavery I am talking about is not what took place in our nation and many other countries in the 1600-1800’s.

If you need a little history lesson, the movie “Amazing Grace” gives a glimpse of the political struggles to stop slavery in England.

I am talking about human trafficking (HT). It is the slavery of the new millennium. Years ago, I heard our District Attorney discuss how it is a huge industry, just behind the illegal drug industry.

When I received that information, it shook my world view a little, since I had attended a workshop on human trafficking many years before. It caused a serious shift in my slavery still existsthinking.

A definition of HT from Mr. Bing (the Internet) is “trade in humans, most commonly for the purpose of sexual slavery, forced labor or for the extraction of organs or tissues.”

I used to believe those in the porn industry and prostitutes were women who needed drugs and sold themselves to make a buck. I saw them as volunteers not victims.

I also didn’t realize how much children were involved. A fact that I have heard time and time again is that in the sex industry it is often children recruited, stolen, kidnapped or manipulated into work at the age of 12.

im not for sale htAlso when there are calamities in the world like the earthquake in Haiti, tsunamis, or the recent typhoon in the Philippines, when children are orphaned, or separated from parents, traffickers come in and wreak a harvest of children.

There are many other strategies they use, like promising work, relocating a victim, and holding them hostage under the threat of abuse, death or immigration. The methods are many.

Any man, who accesses porn or the services of a prostitute, is supporting human slavery and trafficking. An ounce of marijuana is usually sold once then consumed.

A human being can be sold, time and time again, in one day, and then the next day, and then the next day. As a result, with the explosion of pornography on the Internet,real men dont buy girls human trafficking has grown to a huge criminal enterprise.

Men support slavery by continuing their own bondage to the slavery of the sin. Sexual addiction is a growing problem, and porn addiction is easier today than ever before.

james 1 27The Word calls us to be free from our slavery to sin. In James we are also commanded to look after widows and orphans (1:27). That verse, says to “look after”, care for, not “look at”.

Men are the primary consumers of this sin. Until which time men are able to throw off their shackles of their sexual sin, we will be demanding the shackling of women and children.

Pornography is just a few keyboard taps away. But so is help for your addiction and slavery. A Google of “Christian help for porn addiction,” can get a process started. Stop supporting slavery today!stop human trafficking