Men Need to Rest




Now, if you are a man, living with your parents, unemployed, this essay is not for you. This column is for the many men who work a full-time job, are active in their church and they do other volunteer stuff (coach, help in a service club, take care of ailing parents, etc).


Real men work hard—sometimes too hard, and give their best to our families, jobs and community. In Genesis, we were mandated to work, and everything of value in life requires work. If you are a worker bee, join the club, but listen up.


It is important to rest. God tells us the seventh day was a day of rest. In nature, we have seasons that forces rest upon us and all of creation. Only in Imperial Valley do we farm all year long, but the melons and lettuce get rest in the spring/summer. Some of us have difficulty taking time off, but if you read the Word, time and time again, we need to chill (Not easy to do in August).


God wants us to rest—part of it is for our health, and the other reason so we can increase our quality time with the Savior.


Brother Matthew writes in 11:28, “Come to me, all you who are weary and burdened, and I will give your rest.” He wants to help us with our problems.


In the OT, there is a story of David, before he was king and on the run. Saul was in pursuit and he had other problems. In 1 Samuel 30, it tells of David and his troops returning home to find all the women and children taken captive by the Amalekites and homes burned down. Major bummer and all were greatly distressed. There was even talk of blaming David for the problems and giving him a stone beat down. “David found his strength in the Lord his God.” (30:6).


We all know David is a “can do” kind of guy. Long ago, he knew God was on his side. Of his 600 men, 200 were “too exhausted to cross the ravine” so they stayed home watched the supplies, picked up the mail, watered the grass and fed the dogs. They were tired and depressed. David and the remaining crew of 400, went on, found the bad guys, rescued all the women and children and gained a lot of loot in the process.


Although, the fighting four hundred didn’t want to share their gained riches with the resters, David stepped up and said the Lord gave us the victory and the plunder so we will share it with those who “stayed with the supplies.” If you are a worker, soldier or servant, when you rest, God can still bless you.

Times are hard here in the Valley of the Son. We have family drama, high unemployment, a/c’s breaking down, kids not measuring up and our churches that carry their own set of problems.


If you need rest from the battle, go for it. Sometimes, vacations aren’t that relaxing because of finances and family dynamics. Find time to rest. Fall will soon be in our face. Parents of students need to get back to the front lines again.

As I write, September looms large and that is good or bad depending upon your situation. No matter what the demands, rest up.

God created seasons, and a new one is upon us, and whether you are rested or not, life moves on and we need to step up, whether or not we have slowed down. Have a blessed end of summer!