Men: Multi-taskers or Mono-taskers


It has been said that men can’t multitask. My response to that, in a joking way, was “Well men can multitask, but if we let women know, we will have to do a lot more!” Proof of my ability to multitask was that I was able to smoke, drink, snort and use foul language at the same time. Men not only can multitask, but we are commanded to be multitaskers by the Word of God. If you are a mono-tasker, it is not too late to change. You will be called to account for what you have done (and not done) with your life on this planet. God redeemed me and I am mandated to do many of the Messiah’s tasks.

In Matthew 5, one of Jesus’s first sermons, He calls us to mourn, be merciful and pure, and be peacemakers. You can do that, fellows. Go to your child or spouse and say from the heart and hopefully with tears, “I am sorry. I sinned against you and God. What I did was wrong and I wronged you in the process by getting angry, withdrawing from you or our using bad language!” The task of men in the next year is to be more loving, more Godly, more vocal about Christ, more involved in a church, and be a light in a dark world! Later in Matthew 5, we are called to be salt and light. Not just one thing, but more.

Do you want to be more for your Master this year? I don’t think more tasks will earn you a place in heaven. No task that you can do can make that happen. Jesus, in one task, died on the cross for you, Bubba, so you can join Jesus for eternity. But He didn’t hang on the tree because He only wanted to hang out with you forever. He did His work, to prepare you for His works. Faith without deeds is dead.

So how can you more dynamic in your duties. If you really suffer from “mono-taskism,” get The 5 Love Languages book  by Chapman for yourself as a late Christmas present. Jesus is our model for multitasking. In this coming year, if you want excel in the tasking department, you need to spend more quality time with your family. While you are doing that, you don’t do it with resentment, but you love on them affirming them for who they are, what they do and the character or talents God has given them. You also pray with them, hug them, hold their hands and tell them frequently how much you love them. Also, you give them things, not just on their birthday, Christmas or Mother’s Day. You become spontaneous in your gift giving. Swing through Starbucks and get them their favorite drink. Gifting can be overdone at Christmas, but it is a task that is often underdone the rest of the year.

We are also called to sacrifice. We are called to pick up our cross, but without a lot of whining or sniveling. Sometimes we can be doing many things simultaneously by keeping our mouth shut. Often our spouse or children want to talk to us without judgment, lectures, fixing, teasing or put downs. Think about it, that by shutting your pie hole around family, you can be providing them quality time, affirming their need to be heard and serving as their helper. People can figure out their own solutions to problems and they only need to have their thoughts heard out loud, in a non-judgmental atmosphere.

Finally, we are called to spread the Good News. We do that by making disciples, baptizing, teaching and obeying God. But remember, with all the tasks, we don’t have to do it alone. He is with us ‘til the end of the age!