‘Imperial Valley Reads’ participants listen to local forensic specialist

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Guest speaker and forensic specialist, Brawley resident Megan Robinson


BRAWLEY-IV Reads held a special meeting Monday evening at the community room across from the new Public Library Del Rio branch.

Guest of the event conversed over the book Murder on the Home Front; a true story dated in 1941 during World War II that was about a young journalist who is partnered with a forensic pathologist and visits some of London’s most gruesome crime scenes.

The Library board members invited guest speaker forensic specialist and Brawley resident, Megan Robinson, to speak. She spoke in relation to the book that was read by the Imperial Valley during “Imperial Valley Reads” a program designed to get the whole valley reading the same book at the same time to generate discussion.

“When you go to a crime scene you start off with an officer in charge that would brief you about the scene, then once you are briefed you know what to look for, if there was a body you would remove that first then make sure you measure and photograph everything,” said Robinson about her training.

Robinson who studied two years at Grossmont College in San Diego for Criminal Investigation explained to the group about the different types of forensic used in today’s time period. As Robinson spoke to the guests she held up a photo album of the different print-outs of crime scenes, each one had a measurement chart that had to be specifically designed for each crime scene.

As the event came to a close, visitors asked Robinson questions about her training and experience in San Diego. “In my classes and teachings I got to sit in on a real autopsies, I also got to tour the San Diego Sheriff Department criminal lab,” Said Robinson.

For further information on IV Reads and their meetings, please call the Brawley Public Library at (760)344-1891