MBA Students Earn Their Stripes by Taking On ‘Real World’ Business Problems



EL MONTE — November 16, 2016: Here lies the conundrum of every job seeker: “You can’t get a job without experience, but you can’t get experience without a job.” What if the school projects you do; your homework and course work, could count towards business experience? Last week, a team of MBA students from the California Institute of Advanced Management (CIAM) presented a pro bono consulting report to a local event-resource company. In efforts to revitalize the company’s marketing campaign, Nuila Events, LLC requested the assistance of the Consulting Institute at CIAM. Over the course of seven weeks, the student-led team was able to analyze the organization and provide critical information about the company’s marketing and branding strategies.

Research on marketing strategies was performed to provide executable options for Nuila Events. Brand development created core marketing concepts, objectively measured by the customers to provide the greatest impact toward the company’s value proposition. The marketing strategy provided researched alternatives to improve Nuila Events existing marketing efforts. The recommendations CIAM students provided should help retain and generate more customer leads, resulting in greater revenue.

“Our [student] team from CIAM was a pleasure to work with. They were pleasant, worked hard, and genuinely expressed an interest in getting to know our business. They go above and beyond to give practical solutions that can be implemented immediately. Great for any startup!!!” – Sachiko Nuila, Nuila Events

Student consulting projects incorporate real business experience in every single one of CIAM’s courses, allowing students to immediately practice what they learn inside the classroom out in the real world. This is the fifth year CIAM has offered pro bono consulting to local and international businesses. To date, CIAM has performed 87 unique student consulting projects across dozens of industries worldwide.