Assemblyman Pérez Issues Statement on Illegal Immigrants

Manuel Perez
Manuel Perez

(SACRAMENTO) – Assembly Majority Leader V. Manuel Pérez (D-Coachella) released the following statement regarding the undocumented Central American children brought to federal facilities in California:

“It is said that one measure of society is how well we care for the most vulnerable among us. I’m afraid we did not measure up very well yesterday.” 

“Though I acknowledge their right to protest, my heart was heavy to see my fellow Californians lashing out with such fear and hatred toward people in need. These children and families are desperate, and to me it goes against basic American values to deny them the opportunity to seek safe harbor in our country.”

“Rather, I believe our response should be guided by compassion and by the imperative to care for those in need. I understand that some of the families are coming to El Centro for processing, and I hope and believe that they will receive a more humanitarian welcome.”

“I appreciate the effort by the City of Coachella to gather basic supplies for the unaccompanied children which I hope will offer them some minimal comfort during what must be an extremely scary time. When we look at these children and families, let us see our own children and families.”


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