Main water source to City of Brawley broken during earthquakes

Break in Mansfield Pipe
Brawley’s main water supply broken during quakes


(August 31, 2012. Brawley) The Mansfield Pipeline, the primary water line to the City of Brawley Water Plant, was damaged during the recent earthquakes. Water is leaking from the break and into the ground.

Officials from the Imperial Irrigation District were assessing options Thursday, August 30, on Willard Avenue, between Rodeo Drive and Voet Drive.

Francisco Pena, General Superintendent with IID and Richard Diaz, IID Program Manager for the north end of the Valley weighed their options for the repair. Local irrigation equipment company, Rain for Rent, sent Solin Flores and Raul do la Torre to help in the process. Rain for Rent has heavy pumping equipment at the ready to divert the water before the leak and then into the reservoir.

The City of Brawley has the capacity to store five days of water in their reservoir. National Beef uses a large amount of this water for their every day operations. The concern is that to repair the pipeline, Brawley’s ability to provide water to users may be hampered.

National Beef has been offline since the earthquake to assess the facility for any damage, but according to Brian Webb, manager to the beef plant, they resumed operations Thursday.

Some options would include installing a temporary bypass so the affected breakage area can dry down for repairs and not interrupt water flow to the City.

“We will try to pump as much water as possible into the City’s reservoir until we repair the break,” said Flores.

“We’re working closely with Brawley’s Public Works Department,” said Pena. “The plan right now is to shut the pipeline down completely next Wednesday at midnight and make the necessary repairs Thursday and Friday.”Break in Mansfield Pipe