Lucha Libre Delivers High Flying Antics and a Rip Roaring Good Time

A wrestler at the event looking to smash his opponent with a high flying move in a doubles match.
A wrestler, Mr. Wright, looking to smash his opponent with a high flying move in a doubles match at the event on Friday night.

IMPERIAL — Neither barriers nor boredom ruled at the Ricochet Rec Center as high-flying, in-your-face action took place at the IV Lucha Libre Pro Wrestling event on Friday night.

The event consisted of four action-packed matches leading up to the main event in which the “Hijo De Rey Misterio”, the son of the famous WWE wrestler Rey Mysterio, headlined. A wild mix of action and humor entertained the crowd throughout the night.

General admission was $12 while ringside tickets sold for $20 to those who wanted a front seat to the non-stop action. With no barriers between the ring and ringside seats, the audience had to be ready for everything that came their way.

Once the fans heard the bell ring for the first match, they knew they were in for a fun event. Dark Warrior vs. Pequeño Taridor Jr. launched the evening with fast-paced grappling moves and a humorous chest slapping match.

After the match, audience members from the crowd were selected and brought up to the wrestling ring to participate in a push-up contest for a free T-shirt. The winner was a guest named Jason who won the contest with 40 push-ups.

The second match consisted of a two-on-two wrestling match between Exodus and Zama vs. Mr. Wright and Esquisofrenia. The match gave fans a mix between air-borne moves and chair slams.

The third fight was a battle for the Women’s Championship Belt as wrestlers Mystique, Datura, and Amazzona competed in a three-way women’s match. It was a combination of unique double-team moves and attacks with Mystique ultimately claiming the championship belt at the end.

The fourth and final match before the main event was a double team battle between Last Warrior and Maverick vs. Efekto and Toxic. It contained multiple powerhouse moves with a lot of crowd interaction.

Five wrestlers made their way through the bright colorful lights and smoke filled entrance and onto the ring as the main event started. The fans roared and screamed as the host announced, “And now for what you’ve all been waiting for..,” as the superstar for the night made his way through the spotlight entrance and into the ring.

The event finished with “Hijo De Rey Mysterio” taking on Luminoso, Mike Castillo, and Punisher with his teammates Genio Del Aire and Mascara Aerea. It was an exciting match with fans chanting “Mysterio, Mysterio,” whenever the wrestler was in a tough situation. A spectacular move, which consisted of Mysterio Jr. jumping over the wrestling ring ropes and into the crowd onto his downed opponent, helped his team secure the victory.

Fans were given an opportunity to line up and meet and greet the “Hijo De Rey Mysterio”. An autograph poster was available for $6. T-shirts for the event and Rey Mysterio masks were available for guests to purchase at the entrance.

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