Local Volunteers Honored at World Red Cross Day



Retired El Centro Fire Chief Chris Petree and his wife, Trish, pose by a sign at the event while wearing their ten-year honorary Red Cross medals on Saturday afternoon. The couple were two of the 10 honorees at the event.

EL CENTRO — Local community heroes honored for their achievements at the 2016 World Red Cross Day was celebrated at the Pioneer Museum on Saturday afternoon.

“With Red Cross Day, we want to ensure that people learn and understand the mission of the Red Cross,” explained Sylvia Preciado Platero, manager of the Imperial Valley American Red Cross service center. “We also want to celebrate the Red Cross in knowing that it would’ve been our founder Henry Dunant’s birthday on May 8th.”

World Red Cross Day celebrates humanitarian action worldwide. Red Cross Day is also seen as a moment to reinstate the promise to continue addressing the humanitarian needs of millions of people across the world.

“This is actually the tenth year we’ve celebrated,” said Platero. “We tried it for the first time this year in the morning and we had great support. Our sponsors came through. I think it was a lot of work in the morning, but it was a lot of fun. We found out who were the early risers and who weren’t.”

The theme of the celebration this year is “Everywhere for Everyone,” through which the Movement is documenting stories of all those who have been touched by the Red Cross or Red Crescent in some way or the other, either as a volunteer or as a beneficiary of the services.

“Today I recognized ten of the people that have been part of the World Red Cross celebration for ten years consistently,” said Platero.

Ten guests at the event were awarded red medal ribbons for their long-term dedication to the American Red Cross.

“The overall outcome was very good,” commented Platero. “I think all of our guests were very pleased with the event and with the generous food provided. Also, with just the great work that our committee did. Hard work paid off this morning, and I think every one of our guests is leaving very pleased with the food, the venue, the overall result of the morning.”