Local juveniles arrested after breaking into school campuses


EL CENTRO – On June 15, 2013, at around 5:00 AM, El Centro Police officers responded to an alarm activation at Wilson Junior High School. Once on scene the officers met with a security guard who showed them a number of classroom windows that had been broken and the ransacking of those rooms.  Additionally a trail of blood leading from the campus to the street was found, indicating the suspect or suspects had injured themselves while committing the break ins.  No suspects were located during the initial investigation.

Later, at about 6:35 AM, the police department received a burglary call at the campus of Southwest High School.  There, another security guard had discovered broken windows and ransacking in several classrooms.  Officers were able to view the campus surveillance video system, and 2 suspects were seen committing the burglary.  One suspect was immediately identified from the video footage.  A still image of the second suspect was taken and shown to other officers on duty.  The second suspect was quickly identified and officers began looking for the suspects.  Both suspects were teenagers, 14 and 15 years old.

“Through diligent police work, both suspects were in custody by 9 PM,” said Commander Jeff Mason.  “Our interviews of the suspects were fruitful, their statements placed them at both campuses and the video evidence gives us a strong case for prosecution”, said Mason.

The juvenile suspects were taken to the Imperial County Juvenile Detention Center, and charged with burglary and vandalism.

Administrators from both school sites were in the process of inventorying the classrooms and assessing the repair costs for the damaged windows, so an estimate of loss is not readily available.