Local Cowgirl chosen as District 8 Queen



Cailee Roper, 2016 District 8 High School Rodeo Queen
Cailee Roper, 2016 District 8 High School Rodeo Queen

District 8 High School Rodeo, which covers parts of Southern California, including Imperial Valley, has chosen Brawley native, Cailee Roper, 16, as their new queen. Neither Cailee nor her family are strangers to rodeo royalty as older sister, Chelsey, 18, is the current reigning Cattle Call Queen. Cailee was the 2013 Cattle Call Teen Queen.

Although the contest was similar to the one held in the Valley, Cailee had to learn the High School Rodeo’s founders’ history and correctly answer a written test. For horsemanship, Cailee learned reining patterns, presented her speech, and answered impromptu questions in front of judges.

Cailee competed in the Junior High School Rodeo before entering the faster-paced high school division. She barrel races along with her sister, Chelsey, in the high school rodeo competitions.

Cattle Call Queens have the choice whether to move up to the State level and compete against the other rodeo queens in California. By Cailee winning the District 8 contest, she automatically was enrolled in to the state finals in Bishop against the other district winners.

Queens’ mother, Kari Roper, not only has two teen-age girls in her house, but two rodeo queens, which means lots of boots, bling, crowns, and hair spray.

“Fortunately, Chelsey’s responsibilities are at a down time,” said Kari. “She won’t get busy again until next fall. So it is easier to give our full attention to Cailee as she prepares for the state contest. However, I did have to miss the District 8 contest and coronation. My husband, Trey, helped Cailee. I stayed home for Chelsey’s prom.”

According to Kari, the Bishop contest is a week-long marathon with appearances throughout the businesses consisting of speeches, outfits, and lots of hair spray.