Local counseling center to research successful factors in caretaking others’ children




EL CENTRO – The Son Shine Counseling Center (SSCC) is doing a research project covering many aspects of adoptive and foster parenting.

They are looking to recruit adoptive or foster parents, plus talk to parents who have cared for other people’s children, formally or informally.

Jim Shinn, executive director of SSCC, said, “Here in the valley, many grandparents have raised their grandkids because of the drug use.”

The Center is hoping to support those parents caring for others and is desirous of identifying factors that lead to a caretaker’s success.

For those interested in being interviewed, call Jim Shinn at (760) 353-5059, Jenna Lyons, MFT Intern (760) 351-6418, or for an interview conducted in Spanish, call Norma Munoz, MFT Intern, (760) 482-8732.

The interview takes less than 30 minutes and the counselors  are willing to come to  your church,  your home, or the interview can be done at the Center .