Local business owners attend speed networking summit

Dave the Motivator Dailey shares business strategies with local entrepreneurs in Brawley.

BRAWLEY – The Brawley Chamber of Commerce, in partnership with networking specialist Cyndi Lemke and inspirational speaker, Dave the Monster Motivator Dailey, hosted a speed business networking seminar on July 31 at the Lion’s Center Gymnasium.

Several local entrepreneurs and business owners attended the event that had been labeled the “Hottest Business Even of the Year” by organizers.

Lemke opened the seminar by greeting the participants and briefly highlighting the importance of seeking out and utilizing local business mixer opportunities.

“Networking is essential to your business and networking is part of marketing,” stressed Lemke as she addressed the onlookers.

Dailey coached the participants on several business and self-motivating strategies before the networking rounds commenced.

“You have to wear your scars with pride because it means that you have a past.  When people become ashamed of their pasts, then they begin to dwell on something that they can’t change,” shared Dailey.

The Motivator then engaged in the central theme of his presentation that focused on fear barriers and the four-step bully buster program that eliminates fears and propels business owners and entrepreneurs to a successful reality according to Dailey.   

“We all have fear barriers,” announced Dailey.  “The fear of the darkness, the fear of the unknown, the fear of what if, the fear of success, the fear of failure, and the fear of what other people think.  You have to remember that the darkness is only temporary as long as you keep moving forward.  The only time it remains permanent is when you fall back into that safety net,” he continued.

Dailey explained some of the basics of the “Bully Buster” insisting one needs to identify where one is going and figure out your main goal? Where is your destination? Next, identify your why. When your why is big enough, it is going to pull you through those fear barriers; when your why becomes bigger than you, you become unstoppable Dailey guaranteed.

“For example, in battle you do it for him and him next to you,” shared Dailey.

Another point was what he called Massive Effective Action. There is a difference between being busy and being effective, Dailey.

“You’ll find that magical results occur when you begin to look back.  Those results will stop when you stop taking that action,” stressed Dailey.

Self-talk. What you tell yourself on a consistent basis and the power of positive self-talk, Dailey explained.

“Your Self-image.  You could build your self-image up, you could tear your self-image down, but you cannot out-perform your self-image,” announced Dailey.  “When you set that thermostat at 72 degrees, what happens when it hits 72?  It doesn’t go above 72.  The beautiful thing is that we have the ability to move that inner thermostat as high as we want.  If at any point you’re not happy with your results or not happy with your reality, then go back to the top of the list and re-evaluate,” concluded Dailey.

Proceeding the motivational speech, the networking session for the participants began with three long tables and 10 seats on each side set up for participants to sit and do a 30-second introduction where they presented their business affiliation, name, description of services, and a shared what the community may not know of their particular business.

The event created an opportunity for local entrepreneurs to hear an outside strategy and game plan in Dave Dailey as well as feed off the networking opportunity with other regional business owners.