Living Desert’s Baby Zebra Now Has a Name



PALM DESERT – The Living Desert is excited to announce the official name of the baby Grevy Zebra born to at the zoo at the end of May. After weeks of voting by visitors, the name Zuberi (pronounced Zoo-BERRY) received the most votes.

Visitors to the zoo had five name options from which to choose, originally selected by the zookeepers who interact with the zebra on a daily basis. The most popular name, Zuberi, is African/Swahili in origin and translates to “strong” in English.

“We love the name and think it’s very fitting of this beautiful baby zebra,” said Allen Monroe, President/CEO of The Living Desert. “When we hold contests such as these to help name the animals, our aim is to get the public as involved as possible so they feel even more connected to The Living Desert.”

Zuberi can be seen at The Living Desert alongside her mother, Natalia and her father, Conrad. All Grevy Zebras are considered endangered in the wild. The Living Desert is an active participant in the Grevy Zebra Species Survival Plan® and is currently home to two Grevy’s zebra mares and one stallion, plus the new foal, Zuberi.

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