Little Texas Rocks the Mid-Winter Fair & Fiesta Grandstands


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IMPERIAL– Country rock Little Texas band pumped the crowd March 3, Thursday night during their performance at the Mid-Winter Fair and Fiesta main grandstands with their original country sound. Tim Rushlow, Brady Seals, Del Gray, and Porter Howell made up the up-and-coming popular country band.

Since their debut album in 1992, the Nashville based band, Little Texas, has sold over 7 million albums, earned 3 Grammy nominations, won a CMA Album Of The Year award and earned the title “The Hardest Working Band In Country” by playing over 300 shows a year.

Lead singer, Tim Rushlow, energized the audience at the fair this year as seen in the crowd chanting the band’s lyrics and participating in a full-on crowd wave.

Favorite songs played were “Life Goes On” and “What Might Have Been.” The slower melodies gave the crowd a more intimate feel for the band. By the end the crowd was singing the lyrics by themselves.

“Little Texas sure knew how to socialize with the crowd,” said Austin Hawk. “They played in a way that made me want to dance and sing along.”


As the energy grew and with the crowd ready, Little Texas moved into upbeat songs. They rocked “Amy’s Back”, “Living the Party Life”, and “Slow Ride Home” leaving no feet still, the crowd sang and danced with the beat of their music.


“This band was one of the best I have been to in a long time at this fair,” said Kyler Counce “I hope to see them back next year.”

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  1. Porter Howell is lead singer, band is Porter Howell, Dwayne O’Brien, Del Gray and Duane Propes. Tim Rushlow and Brady Seals left the band in the late 90s.

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