Little league kicks off with ceremony and derby



1-003The Brawley Little League Baseball season 2016 campaign started March 8 as they celebrated their opening ceremonies at Volunteer Park in Brawley. Hundreds of players, their families and friends stayed through the chilly afternoon weather anticipating the new season.

The ceremony kicked off with the introduction of Brawley Little League President, board members and volunteers including:

President- Ralph Lopez, Vice President-Pablo Torres, Secretary- Carmen Ayala, Chief Umpire- Jesse Silva, Minors Coordinator- Steve Green, Banner Sales Agent- Tina Reyes, Snack Bar Coordinator- Isabel Magana, Fundraiser Coordinator- Silvia Lopez, Equipment Manager- Luis Magana, Treasurer- Jenifer Lyaye, Major Coordinator- Francisco Toji, Safety Officer- Jose Cerrano, Field Maintenance- Bobby Fierro, Players Agent- Kelly Rodriguez.

After the team and coach introductions, the three age group division teams (minors, majors, and junior) trotted around the bases listening as every member of every team was announced and stands, packed full of fans, parents and family members, cheered the Little Leaguers on.

Kelly Rodriguez sang the national anthem followed by the first pitch by the inspirational Brawley Little Leaguer, Xavier Zamora.

“Great to see baseball season back in full swing. It was a little cold out there but overall a great success,” said Brawley Little League president Ralph Lopez.

The evening was topped off by the first-ever, home run derby, as squads in the majors sent two battlers from each team with five outs each and given only one round.

“Kids where all very excited about it, and it was maybe something to build on for next year. We had a great prize donated by Ron Reddon, a nice glove and a batting gloves,” said Lopez of the home run derby and its winning prize.

The winner of the Derby, taking home the fielding glove and pair of batting gloves, was Angel Brodell who hit two home runs and as one of the final two batters, added extra excitement to the finish.

“I believe this year’s group of kids are very talented and it will be a great season,” said Lopez.

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