Lions Center loses 2 AC units



BRAWLEY – At their regular meeting of July 1, 2014, the Brawley City Council voted to replace 2 Air conditioning units in the Lions Center Gym in an emergency action.

Brawley Fire Department Chief Chuck Peraza was Acting City Manager in the absence of Brawley City Manager Rosanna Bayon Moore, who is on vacation.

Parks and Recreation Director Richard Rubio presented the information on the need to replace the two units.

“The units have been giving us problems because they are dated and parts are hard to find,” said Rubio. “After dealing with several contractors, we found one that had the ability to replace the units in a timely manner and the lowest price. The units were being repaired with parts that were not exactly right because of the age of the units. The vendor that put in the parts will reimburse the City for those parts. We just have to pay their labor.”

The AC units are 15 ton and only a few contractors have the ability and the experience to replace the large sized units.

It may take up to 2 weeks to get the units delivered, but the contractor is hoping they will arrive sooner.

Vic’s Heating and Air Conditioning was the winning contractor at more that $26,000.

Temperatures in the Lions Center Gym hover around 80 degrees. Two of the four units are still working. Large fans have been brought in to help circulate the air.

Summer Day Camp is in full swing and the kids take many breaks and get lots of cold water.

Temperatures in the Lions Center offices are at 74 degrees and are cooled by their own AC units.

a-001In other City business, Desert Vista Development Company, LLC, DBA Inferno 800 was granted a $60,000 loan for the new downtown business.

Inferno 800 will be a pizzeria featuring craft beer and entertainment. It will be in the former Superior Furniture location which was burned down in an arson fire.

The loan is a CDBG Program Income Small Business Loan for the purchase of equipment, furniture, and a computer system. The business will create at least 2 permanent jobs. It is a 10 year loan at 3.25% and is secured by a lien on the property at 505 Main Street and all business assets. Personal guarantees by the principle owners are also required for the loan.

Inferno 800 is expected to open in the fall of 2014.

It is hoped by the Council that this business will be part of the new resurgence of downtown Brawley.