Lion Center Pool Vandalized in Brawley




BRAWLEY – An unidentified suspect broke into the Lion Center Pool in Brawley presumably Monday morning and vandalized several thousand dollars worth of pump, electrical, and pool equipment according to the Brawley Police.

D’Ann Luckey, the BUHS varsity swim coach had not at the time of publication seen the damages, yet her team has been displaced as they prepare for CIF competition.


DSC_9366“I have not seen any of the damages to the site yet, but I know that pipes were damaged, along with trash being thrown into the pool. We are having to drive to Calipatria to practice throughout the week.”


Patricia Dorsey, director of Brawley Parks and Recreation was heartbroken that the damage has closed the pool to the youth of Brawley, and to the Desert Aquatic team, which had begun daily practices.

“The Lions Club pool was burglarized at some time Monday morning,” Dorsey said. “They pulled pipes out of connections, unplugging the electrical. That made the pumps stop working. Now nothing is working on the pool due to the damages.”

Dorsey believes the amount to repair the pool will be significant. Their department has been pouring muriatic acid and chlorine in large quantities into the pool to keep the algae down.

The city has called Knoor Systems, who maintains the pool and the equipment, to give an estimate so the repair work can start. Dorsey said the pool would not open until the health department gives an all clear.

“Why would you want to hurt the kids?” Dorsey asked.

Michael Crankshaw, Brawley Chief of Police, agreed the costs to repair the pool equipment will be high, enough to move the vandalism into a felony.

“It is our attempt as the city to get the pool back up and running again as soon as possible. With the amount of damage done to the pool pumps, filters, pipes and all the equipment to run the pool, this in now rising to a felony with damages looking to be around $5000 or possibly more. Due to the large amount, the detective unit is investigating the case.”

Chief Crankshaw asks the public for help and to please call the Brawley Police department with any information regarding the vandalism at 760–344-2111.