Letter to the President


by Kevin Hickingbottom

letters to the editorMr. President,

You cannot better the world with charisma, swagger and a toothy smile. No sir. To lead the free world, you need strength of character and conviction. You need toughness and a will to follow through.

Mr. President, being the US President is not about being pretty on the golf course. It is about hard work, persistence and a long term strategic plan to protect the interest of the United States and the free world.

Mr. President, Vladimir Putin is going to annex Crimea into Russia and invest $billions restoring the Naval base at Sevastopol.

Sanctions seven times removed from Putin are not enough. Putin is an intelligent and strong leader. More than that, Putin is a brilliant strategist. Putin wrote his Doctoral dissertation on Reagan and the fall of the Berlin Wall.

Mr. President, you can still redeem yourself and serve the free world. It is easy. Do you remember the DoD plans for the European Interceptor Site (EIS) in Poland?


O.K. I’ll refresh your memory.

Immediately after your election in 2008, you had a plan to “Hit the Reset Button” with Russia. In early 2009, and under constant pressure from Putin, you scrapped the EIS, and 10 years of work by the DoD went down the drain. The sole purpose of EIS was to keep Putin in check.

Mr. President, stop talking and start doing. The only thing that scares Putin is the superior air defense of the US. Please, put our DoD Teams back on the ground in Poland and build the European Intercept Site.

President Obama, if you do this one thing, Putin will pull out of Ukraine with hat in hand. The free world will breath a sigh of relief and maybe your abysmal approval ratings will improve.”

Kevin Hickingbottom
Brawley, CA
(760) 481-9146